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How To Delete Messages on LinkedIn

How To Delete Messages on LinkedIn

We’ve all said something we didn’t mean to. When we’re running around on busy schedules, mistakes are easy to make. Maybe you sent a message to the wrong person or maybe you just want to tidy up your messages a little. So, how do you delete your messages on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn makes connecting with people a breeze with their simple chat windows and it is just as easy to delete these messages. Messages can only be deleted within the first 60 minutes of being sent. However, you have the option to delete an entire thread of messages whenever you want. The process for deleting individual messages and a thread is the same.

Deleting Messages on LinkedIn

  • Click the ‘Messaging’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  • Find the message or thread that you want to delete
  • Click the ‘…’ more and then select delete
  • Confirm that you want to delete this message or group of messages.

After the messages have been deleted, you won’t be able to access or restore them. So, make sure you are definitely deleting the right messages and not losing any valuable information. Individual messages are deleted from both your and your connections conversation but deleting threads only deletes things from your side.

Deleting messages doesn’t delete or block any of your connections. So, if you no longer want to receive messages from this person then you will need to go onto their profile to block them. If you’re deleting messages because you find the sender’s content to be inappropriate then you can report the message and let LinkedIn deal with it. The person won’t be notified about who reported them.

How to report a message on LinkedIn: 

  • Click the ‘Messaging’ icon
  • Find the messages you want to report
  • Select the reason you are reporting them
  • Click submit

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