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How To Create a Natural Conversation in Sales

If there’s one thing consumers don’t like it’s the feeling of being sold to. That’s why generic spam messages won’t get you anywhere but how do you create a natural conversation in sales?

While it can be hard to know how to stand out and ensure your messages aren’t being lost in the sales abyss there is a way to navigate this. When countless companies find themselves making the mistake of being overly pushy and treat the entire interaction like an interrogation you can be sure that it won’t work. 

In fact, it will likely deter any potential leads from responding at all, which no one wants. That’s why you need to adopt a slightly different approach and luckily this is something that we can help you with. So, keep reading…

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Ditch the ‘copy and paste’ script

The first step is crucial and while it can be tempting to opt for a script, you know the ones that are a copied and pasted message, this isn’t going to generate the leads you’re after. It shows little to no personality and although it might feel like a great time-saving tactic initially, in the long run, it won’t prove nearly as beneficial.

So ditch the overly technical industry jargon in favour of something more accessible. Dropping the features and benefits rhetoric, that makes everyone sound the same will enable you to focus on how your solution actually solves a personal pain point for that customer. This makes you far more likely to pique someone’s interest.

Tailor your approach 

Expanding on this each client should be treated uniquely, they have their own business, interests and needs which you should be aware of before engaging. You need to work with your salespeople to really understand your value prop and then it’s a case of helping them to communicate it with their own personal communication style and flare.

Tell your brands story

Many sales conversations stem from great storytelling, so this is where you can really shine. Opting to tell your story from real-life experiences can reiterate your brand’s values and ethos. That’s why you need to start by articulating what your brand stands for, what differentiates you and who your audience is. 

Then you need to develop the guidelines for the tone of voice, value and look. Finally, you need to make sure everyone across the company internalises the story and can articulate it with consistency and confidence that you did initially. Having coherency is crucial and telling a real story that people can relate to will help them to see the value in your business proposition.

Asking the important questions

You want product details to be shared during a sale but it’s also important for us to connect on a deeper level with consumers to help them find their perfect fit. That’s why asking leading questions and giving your reps enough context to nail key value points, while providing enough flexibility to pause and deliver the story in their own voice, is crucial.

Final thoughts

It’s important to remember that social selling is more than just sales conversations and expanding existing relationships. Salespeople need to be able to use social media platforms to find, engage and connect with prospects to then turn those connections into sales conversations.

That’s why the main takeaway if avoid sending those generic sales pitches to potential customers through a LinkedIn connection request. You want to be doing some research before making that contact and proceeding with social selling strategies.

Start those conversations by making the first move of following and then liking the prospect’s LinkedIn profile. Interacting with their posts often, with comments and likes helps to reiterate the genuine interest you have in their business and them as a person. 

Following their business’s journey might even highlight some issues they could be facing, which you can mention and help with when you make that first contact. 

Ultimately, this doesn’t need to feel like a tedious task. It can be a chance to connect with a wider range of people and offer your services to genuine potential customers.


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