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How To Create a Message Your Leads Won't Ignore featured image

How To Create a Message Your Leads Won’t Ignore

If you want to message leads and have them take note of what you have to say you need to apply effective tactics. Tactics to grow meaningful connections and garner more engagement from your email campaigns. Sending out mass emails or messages is no longer effective, not to mention, possibly a breach of GDPR regulations. This means you need to start focusing on quality over quantity. 

Customer engagement is key to acquiring and retaining them. But don’t jump right in, try to understand them before you engage. In understanding who your customers are, their interests and preferences, you can work out the best way to connect. 

If you want to level up your engagement, then you’re going to need to try these. 

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Be More Dynamic When You Message Your Leads

Does your content have heart and soul or is it just sell, sell, sell? If you can create a narrative and weave some storytelling elements into your email or message campaigns then this is what’s going to take it to the next level. We all love stories and we get engrossed in them. 

Now the challenge comes with matching up these stories to your branding. Making the experiences relatable so that they can be propped up by your branding and the product or service you’re selling. 

People are becoming less and less likely to respond to things that are clearly an advertisement when the online sphere has become so saturated with them. People want something real. Include some value-added content into your messages like breaking news, case studies or handy tips and tricks you won’t get elsewhere. 

Connecting with people on a personal level rather than a commercial one will start to impact your sales in a positive way, as well as causing a ripple effect that will do wonders for your branding. 

Make An Impact

With your subject lines, that is. Think about the number of emails that land in your inbox each day. It’s most likely a lot. So, when you’re filtering through, the subject line is will be the deciding factor in whether the email gets opened and when. The same could be said for a message sent to a lead via LinkedIn. Jump straight in with a sales pitch, and nobody is going to even open it. 

If you want to write a good subject or opening line then keep it short and sweet whilst making it tempting. The tonality you choose to go with is ultimately up to you and will differ depending on your branding and company voice but mix it up. Are you going to be more personable or informative? 

Top tip: Inserting emojis into subject lines promises higher clicks. 

Let’s Get Personal

Making your emails and messages more personalised has become a priority for marketers. 

People do business with people. If your copy is too generic, it’s going to feel even less like there’s a person on the other end of the email chain. Let your subscribers and connections feel as though you understand and value them. Add a [Firstname] feature into your emails so each one is personally addressed to the recipient. 

Send out emails that use the first person, too. People aren’t stupid, they know Becky from Marketing hasn’t individually typed out and sent 2,000 emails, but it feels more personal than receiving some generic copy. There may still be a robot on the other end in some way, shape or form…but it doesn’t have to read like that. 

When recipients see a team member’s name, you’re opening up your business and making it more accessible. Now the reader knows a bit more about your company, trusting you more, and leading to higher engagement. 

Break It Up

So, we’ve established that getting someone’s attention becomes much simpler if the content is relevant to them and their interests. 

Find a way to envision these groups as you diversify your content. Whilst this may require more effort in the way of organising or segmenting your email lists – it will be worth it in the long run. Send a follow-up message to those leads who are inactive or personalised deals and offers to those who are more active.


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