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How to Check Social Selling Index on LinkedIn

We all like to see how well we’re doing. Whether it’s keeping score on your golf game, tracking your miles on a run or reviewing your figures on your social posts. Whatever it is we want to know we’re doing well and find areas of improvement. Turning this into social selling, LinkedIn has it’s own guidelines to check your performance on the platform. Here is how to check that social selling Index on LinkedIn. 


What Does The Social Selling Index Track? 

First off let’s understand what makes up the score for your social selling index. There are four main areas that are checked. Personal branding, finding people, engaging with those people and building relationships. How does it track these four elements? Through the actions, you take on the platform. Posting content, connecting, messaging and the frequency of each play a part. 

To check your current score login to LinkedIn and head over to

Now if your score isn’t as high as you’d wish don’t worry you can improve your score just by being active on the platform. The areas you’re low on, not reaching the peak 25 points in that category, are the areas you can focus on. 

What’s The Point in Checking Your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn? 

So, what’s the big deal? It’s only telling you to be more active on LinkedIn right? Well yes and no, even if you have the full 100 mark it’s worth checking once and a while to ensure you’re not slipping up anywhere. The toughest thing about LinkedIn and any platform is consistently being active. You can think of the SSI as a reality check for your activity. 

If you’re not posting enough content and driving your audience to your profile your professional brand score could lower. 

Not building up your connections and using the search tools, your “find the right people” score and “engage with insights” sections will decrease. 

Not messaging back and forth with your prospects? Your “build relationships” tab will be lower as a result. 

Each tab tells you what to focus on in the future. With some added motivation by sharing your industry SSI rank and Network SSI Rank. You can find this right at the top of your SSI page. 

Next Steps… 

Now that you have checked your Social Selling Index Score on LinkedIn it’s time to start putting those insights into action. I’ve noticed that my industry average is 26% which is an extremely low figure for the service I’m a part of, and I’m sure there are numerous industries in the same boat. LinkedIn is the largest network for B2B relationships, but social selling is being underutilised. So, strike while it’s hot. There are a bunch of free resources below to make that impact.

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