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How to Be More Confident

When it comes to selling yourself, your business, even generally trying to get your point across there is no doubt that being more confident helps. The world is full of disparaging things that can hit our confidence and make us question our abilities. So here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to become more confident.

Don’t put too much pressure on Yourself

The way we approach a conversation with friends and family vs how we would approach a billionaire investor is obviously going to be different. You’ll be more guarded, anxious and at times overwhelmed. You need to impress this person and come across as a natural leader Right? That is the pressure we are putting on ourselves. You feel like every comment is going to be your downfall, so your mind overcompensates. Opportunities come and go, some are larger than others, but there will always be more on the horizon. Most of the time pressure gets to us because of the fear of failure. So stop fearing failure and remove the pressure. 

You will fail. You will also succeed. What matters most is the effort behind each attempt. 

Take things one step at a time

If you’re not the strong public speaker type you may notice that you’ll end up talking a hundred words a second to get it over with. To overcome the fear you try to rip the bandaid off as quickly as possible. Take a few deep breaths, and slow yourself down. The fear of public speaking is a real mental block that business leaders have struggled with over the years and there isn’t a simple fix. I wish I could tell you that deep breathing and meditation could solve it straight away, but it takes a lot of work to reach the level of the experts. So take it slow and build up your confidence. You won’t be more confident suddenly overnight.

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Discover your Self-Worth 

No matter where you may be in your career you are worth being a part of the discussion. Every step on the way to your dream role is a learning experience you can share. Is there an element of the business that is struggling? You have that insight you can share. Confidence in your abilities can be seen by the entire team and lead you to reach greater heights. If you are looking to be more respected within your peer group or at home, don’t count yourself out. If you have something to say, the right person will listen to you. If you’re getting shut out, you’re talking to the wrong people. Everyone has value and a voice that could go far in any business. 

Choose your words

Maybe’s, I think, and um’s can showcase a lack of faith in what you are saying. No matter if you are 100% sure that the answer is correct. In writing, frequent use of passive language doesn’t instil confidence that the writer knows what they are talking about. Here are two examples: 

  1. I think that the car might get here at 12, maybe. 
  1. The car is estimated to be here at 12. 

Even if you don’t know for sure the answer, writing it confidently and removing the passive language will give the reader confidence in your knowledge. You can use the same techniques in your face to face communication. Get rid of um’s at all costs and be clear and concise. 

Confidence is a journey. When you’re starting in business you may question your sales ability, services or ideas, but you have to persevere. Learn to grow and don’t let fear control your actions.


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