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How To Attract Higher-Paying Clients

If you’re looking to attract higher-paying clients you need three things in order to succeed. The right offering, the right message and the right promise. Now I know what you’re thinking all these sound like the same thing right? Wrong. I’ll explain why. 

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The Right Offering

Before you get started you need to know what you are selling. Your leading service, course or event. If your offering doesn’t align right with your higher-paying clients you’ll have a harder time getting them on board. 

Surprisingly enough the offering will always come last, why? Because no one pitches right at the start. It takes time to nurture leads, have discovery calls with prospects and work out where the relationship is going. You may even find out that these people just aren’t the right clients for you. 

But, you need that offering as it’ll dictate your message. The underlying thread of your marketing and strategy

The Right Message 

The right message can be many things to many different people. There are some things that people just clasp onto. Higher-paying clients will be the ones hooked on your message. They will speak your language and will essentially be a marketing force in themselves. If your message is strong enough in your content, you’ll see that message pop up in conversations with prospects and clients. 

Having your own language for your business is important to get people to connect the dots. It leads people towards your business, generating curiosity and adds a level of prestige to your business. Your services will be in demand and you’ll be the expert that delivers the message. 

The Right Promise

People want something from working with you. That’s the nature of it. You need to promise something to your audience. What they’ll earn from working with you. The bigger the promise the more you can charge for your services. To attract higher-paying clients your promise needs to be worth the price tag. 

Being humble won’t get you anywhere. People want to work with the best and will pay more to work with the best. You need to promise you’re the best. That promise will sit on top of your message and your offering will be the end destination for those consuming that message. 

Offering, Message and Promise. The three pillars of charging higher prices. But, it all depends on perception. Your audience will need to be fans of your business. By providing enough value you’ll end up with a fanbase that makes your offering credible and desirable.


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