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How to Achieve Organic Business Growth

Strong organic business growth is a dream situation for any small business. Even the largest corporations seek constant organic growth at a rapid rate when the initial push begrudgingly slows down. But, how can you achieve organic growth consistently and successfully right now? 

Maximise your Team 

One of the simplest ways to grow your business is to train and upskill the people within your team. You’ll be surprised by the amount of creative, actionable ideas members of your team can generate. This opens up endless avenues for your business. Training your team to be more efficient, flexible and communicative could have a huge impact on the daily operations of your business. 

Another way to maximise the use of your team for organic growth is to remove pointless procedures. Automate areas within your business that don’t require constant attention. Ensure you are making things constantly easier for your team to do their jobs, so much so they can focus on building the business up, rather than bogged down in constant paperwork. This could be something as simple as designing templates for frequent use to more complicated processes such as AI-driven automated responses for frequently asked questions on your website. 

Scale Accordingly

Too much too young too fast isn’t just a catchy song. If you take on more than you can handle you won’t achieve organic business growth. You’ll back yourself into a corner fast and scramble for someone to bail you out. To scale accordingly you need to understand your ability and the extent to which your team can work comfortably. When you push the team too far their ability to work slips. Without enough time or resources quality will suffer. 

Instil a company culture that allows clear communication. If your team is struggling you need to know. If they are too afraid to tell you a problem they are facing and battle through without a clear understanding of how to accomplish the task your end product or service is not going to be good. Or it will be good and your team suffers mentally from the battle. This leads to burnouts and a major loss of your company’s image and productivity.   


Have a Strategy 

Every action you take in the day must be directed at the collective goal of growing the business. If a process or a project is starting to spiral out of control into something outside that goal you need to address it. Steer it back in the right direction and ensure each step is thoroughly thought out. You might not have a lot of time to react, but don’t rush into anything blind. Cover your bases from the smallest of issues that may occur. 

The strategy must also be clear and understood by everyone involved. Crossed wires and confusion hinders business growth. As it can harm your brand image and lead to a loss of sales as a result. No one wants to work with a confused team. It leads to frustration, arguments and in extreme cases court appearances. 

Use the Tools Available

There are numerous growth tools and government schemes available for business owners specifically designed to help businesses grow. Social media platforms offer numerous incentives for companies to join and thrive on their services. Predominantly for advertising opportunities, but the tools available work well to increase exposure, brand awareness and if leveraged correctly sales. 


Through reviewing and understanding your work you can continuously improve your business. Taking the time to look at a project could make a whole difference into how you’ll approach the same type of project in the future. Did a teammate struggle with a certain aspect? Guide them through it and what your business can do to help. Maybe there is a gap in knowledge that needs to be addressed moving forwards? Invest in training that can help them push forward and breakthrough those mental barriers that stop them from performing.  You’ll never know the true potential of your business unless you strive to learn and get better from every project you undertake. 

To achieve the organic business growth you need to be constantly thinking about improving. Whether that’s implementing new strategies, or completely revamping your current processes. When you learn you grow. When your business learns it grows. 

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