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Finding Your Voice on Social Media

Are you struggling to connect with your audience? Well, there are over 3 billion people on social media waiting to hear from you. However, it can be difficult to start these conversations and find the right tone of voice that best represents your brand and resonates with a social media audience. 

Whilst it makes sense to tweak your voice to fit the native tongue of the social media platform you choose to use, your brand’s ‘voice’ still needs to come through. It can be difficult figuring out the kind of content your audience will react to most but communicating with them in a consistent tone that reflects your brand is key.

So, how do you do this?

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Values and Mission

It may sound obvious to keep your brand’s values at the forefront of everything you do but this is something that some let slide when it comes to social media. Even when you are not directly trying to sell something to your audience, you still want your posts to reflect what your brand believes in. Social media is a great place for consumers to get to know a brand on a personal level, something more relatable than an allusive business. Weave your brand’s values and mission into your social media voice, it will help you to come across as more authentic and genuine.

It can be beneficial to research topics that are trending but make those topics fit your brand’s voice and not vice versa. For example, if your brand’s social media voice is more of a humorous one then don’t suddenly start throwing business jargon at your audience. The sudden or constant changes will be off-putting and harder for an audience to relate to. Take advantage of the more personal experience social media allows and use the time to share your brand’s journey, what you hope to accomplish and invite your audience to join you.

Brand Style

When people are scrolling through social media, you want your audience to be able to pick you out without even trying. It all comes back to consistency but this also goes for the images or articles you share. There has to remain a common theme or style throughout your social media posts that make you recognisable to your audience. Use keywords and phrases to help your audience find your content and know what to expect from you. If they understand the kind of posts you make then they are more likely to follow you to see more.

The main struggle of finding your voice on social media is being heard over all the other noise. Remember, you are not trying to connect with everyone on these platforms, the main focus is your audience. You already have a brand so you know what your audience wants and what they are used to seeing from you. The trick is transferring this onto social media and giving your audience the chance to connect with the ‘heart’ of your brand. It might sound cheesy but this is why people use social media.


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