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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies People Forget To Use featured image

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies People Forget To Use

Social media is a pretty huge outlet. Whether it’s for business or personal use everyone and their mum is using a form of social media. Not just their mum in fact but grans and great grans. If you want to rant and rave about your views on wearing masks,  or just see a copious amount of cat pictures just hop on to one of the many platforms and I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Here are 4 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies People Forget To Use. 

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Don’t just use a reaction

If someone comments on your post, or maybe even posts about your brand, in any way. Do not just like or heart it! Use this time to spark a conversation, reply to their comment. Show that you care about what people think. Adding a comment of your own shows not only the single person that you care, but it shows anyone who sees the post that you are willing to talk and engage with your customers and potential customers. Make your brand seem trustworthy simply by adding a few comments. 

Get the team onboard

Now, you might need to be careful when asking staff to use various Social Media to advertise for you. On a platform such as LinkedIn, it shouldn’t be too bad, people expect to see business-related posts on their feed. It is what LinkedIn is there for and employees will most likely be happy to share, it isn’t a particularly personal platform.

 However, when it comes to something like Facebook you may meet a little more resistance. Staff maybe a little more hesitant to share posts from their place of work, as they have friends and family rather than potential clients seeing what they do. Getting extra shares and likes is a brilliant way to spread the word though, and the more people who do it the more people will view what it is you have to offer. 

Have a chat

So we have already covered responding to comments, however what about using private messages?

You have probably been on a website, where a little chat box comes up asking if you need any help. It is easy enough to implement a similar tool within Social Media. Use an AI chatbot on Facebook, queue messages to be sent out on LinkedIn. Once again it is all about sparking up conversations, if you can get someone to ask about a product or a service you are one step closer to closing a deal. 

What is happening?

You need to be relatable, you don’t want every single post to be about exactly what it is you do. Use current happenings around the world to engage your audience. This can be almost anything, just think about the creativity that has come from multiple lockdowns. If you have seen a video or picture of something that someone has made at home, why not share it if it relates to you? We have all been involved in this Pandemic after all. It’s an effective social media marketing strategy.

If you are in the catering industry add in a clip of Gordon Ramsay shouting himself hoarse from time to time, everyone loves those. 

Involved in fashion? Talk about the most recent large fashion week and the absolute must-sees from various collections. 

Gaming industry? You could even have clips of yourself experiencing a particularly terrifying bit of a game. 

The possibilities are all but endless, you just have to do you. 


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