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Creating A Social Media Strategy From Scratch featured image

Creating A Social Media Strategy From Scratch

Creating a social media strategy from scratch might sound like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. A social media strategy is simply a plan for your social media goals and how you’re going to achieve them. However, there’s a few things to keep in mind on your journey to social media success. So, whether you’re a first time user or you just want to double check your own strategy, I’ve got you covered! Sit back, relax and check out these easy steps… 

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Be S.M.A.R.T:

When creating your social media strategy, the first thing you need to do is establish your objectives and goals, which should all be…

  • Specific 
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Relevant 
  • Time-bound 

If your goal is to gain 1,000 new followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in one day, you may have to reevaluate…

Know Your Audience: 

Getting to know your audience is absolutely key to your social media strategy, as it enables you to cater your content to the right people. When creating your target customer, you should think about aspects such as their age, location and interests etc. It’s important not to make assumptions at this stage, and gather useful research on your audience using social media analytics. These will provide you with valuable insights on who your audience is and how they engage with your social media, which in turn allows you to refine your strategy and better target them.

Who’s Your Competition: 

Although you should always be careful about getting too caught up in comparing yourself to others, it’s important to be aware of your competitors. Chances are they’re already on social media, which isn’t a bad thing, it just means you can take some lessons from them. A social media analysis of your competitors can give you an idea of what works in your industry, which will help towards defining your social media strategy. 

Decide On Your Platform: 

Now it’s time to work out which social media platforms will be best suited to your business. Although you may be tempted to dive into all of them head first, it might be more sensible to focus on either one or a few whilst you get started. Otherwise, you could spread yourself too thin too quickly and end up not having enough time for any of them. You might decide to use different platforms for different aspects of your business, for example, you might use Twitter to focus on customer service and Instagram for creative content. There’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s advisable to go where your target audience is most likely to be! 

Content Time: 

Your content is a vital part of creating engagement with your audience, it’s a chance to create conversation and interact with people. However, running multiple or even just the one social media platform requires frequent attention, which is where a content calendar comes in handy. Having a schedule for your content allows you to plan in advance, post at optimal times of the day even if you’re busy and allows you to always be ahead. If you’re new to the social media world and don’t know where to start with your content, try doing 80% informative, educational and entertaining posts and make the other 20% business orientated. 

Make Adjustments: 

If you’ve implemented your strategy and things aren’t quite going to plan, don’t be afraid to make adjustments. It’s important to remember that not everything goes right on the first try! As you start to execute your plan and track your progress with analytics, you’ll be able to see what’s working and what isn’t. This enables you to reevaluate your strategies and adjust accordingly. You can also gain valuable feedback from your audience, by using surveys to find out whether you’re meeting their wants and needs. But, make sure to deliver on what they tell you. 

If you’ve followed these steps, you should be ready to put your plan into action! There’s nothing stopping you from being a social media success. Remember, knowledge is power and there’s no shortage of resources out there to make your strategy as specific and effective as possible. Good luck!


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