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ChatGPT Prompts You Can Use To Grow Your Business Featured Image

ChatGPT Prompts You Can Use To Grow Your Business 

ChatGPT is an AI you can leverage quickly and effectively It’s not the tools it’s how you use them that makes the difference. Here is the best way you can leverage ChatGPT prompts to grow your business. 

Growth Titans

Content Creation 

When it comes to social posts there are a couple of things all creators take note of… The content they are writing about, the niche audience they are looking to engage and what platform they are posting on. ChatGPT isn’t any different. Your prompts need to include enough information for the results to be what you’re looking for. 

Here are a few examples you can tweak to get the results you’re looking for… 

Creating Tweets 

Write a 300-character tweet on [Add Your Topic] for [Niche Audience] to [Result]. 

Write a 200-character Twitter thread on how to [Result] for [Niche Audience] 

ChatGPT will automatically add hashtags so at the end of each prompt write: don’t use hashtags and they won’t be added to your posts. This way you can strategically add the hashtags you want rather than just the hashtags that ChatGPT will add themselves. 

Using ChatGPT For LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn posts are longer than simple tweets, so you’ll need to include more prompts to tailor your results. There are a few added phrases you can use to make sure your posts come out the best they can be. The first is the reading level. Ensure you include – at a 5-year-old reading level, or write at a 5th-grade level to simplify the text and avoid jargon. LinkedIn’s post structure also prefers short simple sentences so include them in your prompt. 

If you add the character limit to these prompts and the limit is quite large the outcome may include a lot of waffle, so don’t prompt the AI to write a lot of copy that doesn’t have much cause, otherwise, you’ll spend longer editing your results. 

Here are a few prompts to help you create LinkedIn posts from ChatGPT – 

Write a LinkedIn Post in simple sentences at a 5-year-old reading level on [Add Your Topic] for [Niche Audience] 

You can also double up your prompts

Prompt 1 – Write a list of actions you can take to [Add Your Outcome] in short, simple sentences 

Prompt 2 – Turn this into a LinkedIn Post about [Add Your Outcome] 

You can experiment with these prompts and add a variety of outcomes and objectives for different audiences. 

Repurposing Content

You can use ChatGPT to remix your existing content. If you have a blog you can paste in sections from your blog and turn them into social posts. Using the headings of your blog as headlines in your posts you can create short, value posts from your blog content. 

Prompt – Write a LinkedIn post from this copy – [Paste Blog Section] 

You can also turn your podcasts into blogs by combining two separate AIs capabilities. You can use a transcriber tool such as or AssemblyAI then prompt ChatGPT to tidy up your transcription and turn it into a blog. 

Prompt #1 – Remove the um’s and tidy up this copy – Paste in Copy

Prompt #2 – Turn into a blog [format your response using markdown. Use headings, subheadings, bullet points and bold to organise the information]

By prompting ChatGPT to include a heading and bullet points you’re more likely to have a blog structure, than a wall of text based on your transcription. Now you can remix all your podcasts into blogs and blogs into posts for your social channels. 

This method can also work for meetings to give you a rundown of the actions and objectives raised during the meeting. 

Email Marketing 

ChatGPT AI can also assist you in writing email marketing campaigns. By adding certain frameworks to the prompt you can tailor the style of the campaign and message you want. 

Here are a few prompts you can use for your next email marketing campaign… 

Prompt – Write an email campaign using the “PASTOR” framework to address the pain points of [Ideal Client Profile] and present our [service] as the solution. Identify the problem they are facing as [Add Problem], and amplify the consequences of not solving it, tell a story related to the problem, including this testimonial – [Add Testimonial], and ask for a response. 

Prompt – Using the “Before-After-Bridge” framework, please write an email marketing campaign that presents the current situation with [problem] faced by [Ideal Client Profile]. Show them the world after using our [Service] and how it has improved their situation. Then, provide a [bridge] to show them how they can get to that improve state by using [Add Your Service]

Prompt – Using the “Pain-Agitate-Solve” framework write an email marketing campaign that identifies by [Ideal Client Profile] and agitates the issues to show why it is a bad situation. Then, present [our service] as the logical solution to the problem. 

Prompts That Improve The Language 

There are a few added sentences that can improve the language within your results. Wether it’s for a social media post or an email campaign. If you lace these within your prompts you should see the difference. Here are the notable ones and their results… 

  1. Write in a conversational, relatable style – removes the formality and changes the tone.
  2. Write at a 5th-grade level – simplifies answers
  3. Return only the main response – Gives you straightforward text without the lead-up
  4. Use metaphors, analogies and other literary devices to make points more relatable and memorable – Add extra storytelling elements to the copy
  5. Create a listicle – Bullet points your answers

You will have to tweak some of the results with your own language and remove any unrealistic challenges that the AI may create. You want to leverage pain points in your marketing, but you don’t want to pull people away with scenarios that are so unrealistic the message doesn’t hold weight. This doesn’t make the prompt not worth it, but it can create a structure and ideas you can leverage for a stronger campaign. 


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