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Being Banned From Twitter: The Why and How

Being Banned From Twitter: The Why and How

You can be banned from Twitter for a multitude of reasons. Some are more obvious than others, whilst one particular reason has caused questions about regulations. If you’ve been banned from Twitter recently here are a few reasons why. 


A time ago there was a huge problem of Twitter bots running amok on the platform. If an account looks “spammy” or is a fake account they will remove the account. At times this can cause some accounts to be suspended by mistake. This may be down to a flurry of activity when an account has just been made or laid dominant for a time only to be sending out 100s of tweets a minute. 

A Hacked Account 

If your account has been compromised leaving you with no real access to the account, Twitter can suspend the account. This helps any major damage being caused to the account owner. But, more often than not, this is after an obvious malicious login and the original account holder reporting the account. But, be prepared to prove the account belongs to you. 

Abusive Tweets or Behavior 

The most prevalent reason to date is abuse reports. This is where an account has been reported by other users or particular comments on the platform. Harassments of one particular group or user can lead to a suspension, leading to a ban for multiple offenders. Reports of this nature are covered in the Glorification of Violence policy which saw Donald Trump’s account permanently suspended. 

So, How can you get your account unsuspended? 

For potential bot accounts, you may be able to unsuspend your account through providing a phone number or confirming your email address. 

If you log into your account and you see your account is locked, your features may be temporarily disabled. This will stop you from tweeting for a certain time. Once again you may be able to unlock your account by providing more information about yourself. A legitimate account filled with the information that is unmistakably yours is easier to redeem in the eyes of moderators. If you need help with a locked or limited account, access Twitters help centre for more information. 

File an Appeal 

Finally, you can file an appeal if you’ve exhausted all your options. This isn’t going to work every time unless you have a clear case that you weren’t breaking Twitter’s terms of service. If you have been banned from Twitter it’s important to realise that they hold the rights to keep your account locked down. So, always be polite and courteous to the team handling your account. Otherwise, you’ll lose all those hilarious tweets and likes from your favourite celebrities. 

Finding yourself locked out of an account can be frustrating especially when you don’t feel you’ve done anything to deserve it. The best call to action will be to keep your cool and follow the steps laid out. If you’ve exhausted your options, maybe you need to find a new platform or start from scratch. Frustrating, but manageable. 

Luke Tew

Luke Tew

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