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AI Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Whether it’s your Alexa or your smart kettle, artificial intelligence has become increasingly popular and accessible. Many people’s brains are filled with the terrifying tropes of the robot takeover and workers being made obsolete. And, whilst I can’t promise that won’t ever happen, I can promise you that AI can be incredibly beneficial to your content marketing right now.

Not only does it help you to better understand your audience, but it can also give you insights into what each targeted group would like to see. You can personalise your messaging to reach out more directly. Best of all, it can take over some of the more time-consuming tasks to free up space in your schedule to focus on other things.  

If you’re struggling to imagine handing over the reins to a robot, I’m going to list some examples that can be implemented to make your processes more efficient (and your life easier). 

LinkedIn Assessment

Spreading The Word

So, you’ve just written an article that could be mistaken for a lost work of Shakespeare. You’re so wrapped up in the genius of your wordsmithery that you forgot to share it on your website or your company’s social media. Who will see it now? Utilising helpful platforms such as Hootsuite that manage your social media platforms for you, can help prevent these slip-ups. You can not only post across your multiple platforms, but you can also schedule when you’d like things to be posted. You can even access the analytics to measure how each post is doing, too. 

AI Is Key(word)

Some companies like to keep their online reputation strictly professional – which is completely fine! However, some may like to humanise themselves a little by posting user-generated content. This could be a team member making a TikTok or even just the team’s personal LinkedIn posts. Even better if you can find content from users online posting about your company (good or bad). 

There are AI tools out there such as social listening tools and keyword collectors that allow you to read minds…sort of. These tools give you access to what people are saying about your brand, industry or competitors online. Perhaps your brand has an edgy persona and you want to post a snappy comeback to a fake, bad review. Or, if we’re playing nice and somebody has tweeted about a good experience they’ve had with you, why not reach out and ask if you can share it?

Time To Get Personal

Do you ever receive an email with your first name? It’s quite surreal sometimes if you’re not expecting it. But, it gets your attention. They say that people love to hear the sound of their own name which is why you should use it a lot when you’re relationship building. The same theory applies when you’re communicating online. Artificial intelligence is great for tailoring and personalising your content to reach out more closely to your audience. Customised messaging, tailored landing pages or a hello from a helpful live chat representative. That feeling of one-to-one engagement can help give that extra, persuasive push to any potential leads.


Not getting the results you were hoping for and not sure where you could be improving? There are plenty of AI tools out there that will analyse and compile reports for you based on the data surrounding your content. Whether it’s who is engaging or how many, they can include anything and everything. From LinkedIn profile views to the analytics of your website (how they’re navigating it, how long they stay etc.). When you have this helpful information you can target people who are interacting with tailored content. You can also see what’s working and what’s not. 


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