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A Guide to Online Christmas Parties featured image

A Guide to Online Christmas Parties

With the office party no longer viable companies are looking at alternative methods to show their appreciation for their team. Here is a quick introduction to online events and a guide to online Christmas parties. 

Zoom / Discord / Meets 

Whatever platform you’re using to meet with your team online ensure that everyone has the right equipment available to make it work. If a team member doesn’t have access to a webcam or microphone you can offer to loan some office equipment. Treat it as an early Christmas gift. During the start of 2020, companies were stocking up on webcams for members when they work from home. This left many brands out of stock. Thanks to Black Friday sales and Christmas, there is a fresh supply of equipment to be found online. 

Also, ensure that your event is closed to the public. Send invitations early and keep the event on an invite-only basis. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the awkward situation of online Christmas party crashers. Maybe sharing some explicit materials and ruining everyone’s fun. Some members of the team may need some additional help setting up. Make sure that support is available before the event so everyone can get involved from the start. 



It’s important to keep people engaged so the event feels like an event. Use your imagination and think of a suitable activity for the team. Whatever you decide, ensure everyone can take part and give their own input. 

Here are a few ideas for your Online Christmas Party: 

  • Pub Quiz 
  • Karaoke 
  • Murder Mystery
  • Online Games (Jackbox Party Pack, Pictionary, Tabletop Simulator) 
  • Disco
  • Awards Ceremony 
  • Fancy Dress Competition 
  • Cocktail Making Session
  • Charades 
  • Movie Watchalong 
  • Drinking Games 

There are limits to what will and won’t work depending on the crowd. That doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your ideas. 

A Quick Set-up Guide to your online Christmas Party would be: send invitations. Set the date down in the calendar, and offer technical support for those in need, have fun. Keeping spirits high is now the only thing that should be on your mind. Just remember to turn your camera and microphone off once you’ve had one too many drinks and fall asleep at your computer. 

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