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8 Proven Methods To Optimize Your Pay Per Click Service featured image

8 Proven Methods To Optimize Your Pay Per Click Service

Pay per click (PPC), also called pay per impression, is a popular internet marketing method used to generate targeted traffic to sites, where the advertiser only pays a publisher for each ad that is clicked. PPC banner ads are usually displayed on websites with similar content, which have agreed to display these ads and are therefore pay-per-purchase advertising. So, how do you get the most out of your PPC? 

1 – Identify Your Keywords 

Make sure you can identify your keywords. It is best to use the exact keywords you will use in your own pay per click campaigns. To do this, you should check out the words you use in your emails or blog posts. If you find that you use the same words every time, then it may be time to expand and find other keywords related to your business. 

2 – Distribute Your Ads 

See if you can get your ad on several different sites. There are companies that will allow you to choose the sites your ad will be displayed on. Make sure you understand the terms of each site, as some will charge you more than others. Also, make sure that the site you choose has a large enough audience for your pay per click ad to be effective. There is no point in target sites with too low web traffic, even if they are the cheapest option around. 

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3 – Have a Variety of Ads 

Third, make sure you have a variety of formats for your pay per click campaign. There are many different types of advertisements including banners, links, and pop up ads. Each format may be suited to different advertisers, so try to target different demographics. Having a variety of ads also keeps your brand fresh in your target audience’s minds. If they are well designed and have a powerful message they will convert. 

4 – Shop Around 

Check the rates charged by each site. Some services may charge more than others for your advertisements. In order to find the cheapest pay per click service, look through the different sites and see which offers the best rates for your needs. You can even try signing up for a few free trials to get a taste of what you will be investing in. 

5 – Read the Reviews 

Read reviews on the pay per click service you are considering using. Many people will offer advice about the service, especially those that have used it before. You should take the time to read through these reviews and make sure you’re comfortable with the site you plan to sign up for. There will occasionally be those disgruntled customers who expected a lot more from the service than what is advertised, so take each review under your own judgement. 

6 – Get a Return on Your Investment 

Make sure you get the most from your pay per click service. While pay per click services are incredibly beneficial to marketers, it can be easy to lose track of how much you spend on the service and how often you need to update the account. Relate each click to a converted sale and fully understand your ROI on using the service. Of course this could take a month or so to fully gauge, but when something isn’t working you can always try another service or approach. 

7 – Understand What You’re Paying For 

Make sure you understand what you’re paying for. The best service providers will offer a variety of features and packages that can help you stay within your budget while you optimize your marketing efforts. Try to have a base understanding of PPC before you reach out, just so you understand what goes into the campaigns. This will streamline the intake process for them, and make you feel comfortable with what is being discussed. It’s your budget after all! 

8 – Ensure You Know What’s Going Out 

Finally, ask to see a sample of your advertisement. Many service providers will let you preview a copy of the ad, so you can get an idea of how the ad will appear on your website. This is a great way to see if the service is right for you. If you’re unsure, then simply cancel the service. 

Most of the time the PPC service will ask you for the artwork for your campaigns, so be aware of which services will help you design and which simply optimise. You might need a different level of service than you initially thought. Designing converting advertising is a service in it’s own right and can take some time. 

Making sure your pay per click service is effective is to give it a test run. Many feel like PPC is on the backburner for marketing. But, once you’re sure you’re comfortable with it, then just go ahead and create a campaign with it.

Make sure you consider each of these steps and ensure you get the highest return on your advertising dollars. Happy advertising!


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