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6 Steps for Successful Hybrid Working

Nearly every single industry has been flipped on its head since the pandemic. From the Great Resignation to remote working, this is a future not many could have predicted. However, it is a reality that we can no longer ignore. It is time to embrace the new work models that have been put in place to create a more productive and balanced work environment. Hybrid working is a great way to empower employees and create a positive culture. Most of the reluctance to adopt a hybrid work model is because businesses do not fully understand how to make it work for them.

There are multiple ways a hybrid work model can benefit your business and these are just some of the steps to successfully incorporate it.


Stop Watching the Clock

No one is able to work for eight hours straight, five days a week. Nor should they be expected to especially in job roles that involve staring at screens and limited movement. It is advised that office workers should take regular small breaks to prevent strain. So, when it comes to remote work, team leaders and managers should monitor an employee’s individual productivity instead of counting the hours they are active. How can this be done effectively? Well, that brings us on to our next step…

Set Tasks

Setting tasks is something your office is already doing and it is even more essential when it comes to successful hybrid working. It is important to separate the work that can be completed in the office and in the hybrid work environment. Having a clear outline of these tasks will ensure that hybrid working does not disrupt the workflow. It can also be extremely beneficial by helping your hybrid worker organise their workday to ensure the tasks are completed as and when they are expected.

Out of Sight Does Not Mean Out Of Mind

While they may enjoy and appreciate the benefits hybrid work offers, it can be easy for hybrid employees to feel ostracised. Of course, it is easy to communicate with someone when you can physically see them. However, hybrid working does not have to break down communication. Actively making sure hybrid employees are kept up to date with key information and meetings will ensure nothing will be lost in the loop. With so many forms of digital communication available nowadays, it can be just as easy to keep in contact with remote workers as in-office workers.

Keep Up the Positive Feedback

Just as it is important to keep employees in the loop, it is also important to recognise them when they are performing outstandingly. Hybrid workers are not unreachable so encouragement and comments are still expected to continue effective work. When an employee is not in the usual office environment, this type of feedback can be essential for keeping motivation high.

Be Flexible

Not all employees will want to work remotely. Many prefer the divide between work and home. However, even those employees will have days where they are not physically able to make it into the office. This does not always mean they are unable to work. They would perform better not being in the office at that time. It is important to communicate what the hybrid work model means for your office. Employees need to know exactly when they can and cannot work from home.

Trust Your Employees

It really is that simple. A workplace is not a school and therefore some level of trust must be extended. If employees are able to empower and motivate themselves through hybrid working then productivity will be affected positively. The pandemic has solidified the importance of balancing work and life. A hybrid work model can be tailored to fit your company needs. Such as whether it is employed on a regular basis or if and when employees need to work from home.

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