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5 Essential Traits of Every Successful Webinar featured image

5 Essential Traits of Every Successful Webinar

When you’re designing your perfect webinar what are the key things that come straight to mind? Is it the presentation, marketing, follow up? Well, it can be a number of different things. But, every successful webinar has a few traits in common, here are just a few. 

1. Easy To Access

Generating interest is great, but if the process of accessing the webinar comes with a few hoops too many then people will turn off. On average, someone would try three times before looking for a problem. If they can’t solve the problem they will either contact you directly, which could slow down your preparation and distract you from delivering, or give up entirely. A successful webinar will have a simple sign-up and tune-in process. Even if you’re using an established platform such as Youtube try to generate your audience with as few directory clicks as possible. 

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2. It Delivers On It’s Promises  

There are thousands of webinars out there that promise the world to their audience. There is a small margin of those who actually leave the audience satisfied with their answers. So make sure that your marketing matches your webinar. If you promise to tell people about the best way to eat a kiwi you better show people the best way to eat that kiwi. This successful trait is pretty self-explanatory, but you have to make sure your marketing matches your product. 

3. Good Video and Audio Quality 

The best thing about a webinar is the ability to reach everyone from anywhere. This means you could literally be in your front room talking to a board of CEOs. What they wouldn’t appreciate however is a choppy dark video where they can’t understand you. Make sure to test out your equipment and connection beforehand to make sure your quality of video matches the quality of your content. Here are 5 tips to improve your vlogging which will help during a live event. you tell you’re running a successful webinar when people are praising you for your quality.

4. Audience Interaction 

A webinar is a live presentation and in all presentations, there is an element of interactivity involved, even if it’s as little as acknowledging that a point has been made. No interaction at all and you may as well be uploading a video to your website. Try your best to engage with your audience where possible to maintain interest and receive on-air feedback. 

5. A Simple Call to Action 

Probably the most important factor to you during the webinar is what happens next. Now you have an audience and an opportunity to showcase your next event, service or product. So, you have to get your call to action right. Sometimes you can be caught up in the spotlight and forget your call to action to make sure you have reminders throughout the webinar. Simple slides you can show which reminds you of the end goal. Keep your call to action short and simple. Sign-up, subscribe or “catch the next live at 12:15 pm”. Whatever it may be, just keep it simple. 

If you’re looking to run your first successful webinar I hope these traits will help you with your success. As long as you keep these in mind you’ll be able to deliver a webinar that will help generate the success you’re looking for.



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