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4 Ways to Get Back Into The Routine After The New Year featured image

4 Ways to Get Back Into The Routine After The New Year

With each New Year comes the strive to be better, faster, and more productive. We’ve been through Christmas dinner, and New Year’s drinks with the promise we’ll kick off 2022 as the year we nailed the work and got back into the flow. The truth is, it can be tough to maintain motivation, especially those working from home who still have Christmas decorations surrounding the home. So, here are 5 ways you can get back into the routine after the new year. 

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#1 – Upgrade Your Morning Routine

I recently posted a poll about morning routines and found a staggering amount of us only give ourselves an hour to get everything done. Including cooking breakfast and lunch for ourselves and our family. If you’re rushing in the morning to get all the tasks done it may be time to set the clock an hour early so you can enter the day without feeling like you’re playing catch up. How you start the day reflects how the day will go. So leave time to have a good breakfast, make yourself a good lunch, and prepare yourself for a productive day. 

#2 – One Task at a Time 

I’m a sucker for ideas. I’ll think of an idea and pivot to fulfill it. Sometimes this is good and a showcase for creativity. Other times I have a few ideas, not write them down, or write them down and spoil myself for the choices I need to make. This is the problem with too many options. It can be a reason why some people won’t respond to your marketing as well. If there is too much to do, it can hold you down in place. Order your tasks from 1 to 10 to the inevitable 100. But, make sure you’re taking it one step at a time. Finish one task and move on to the next. You’ll never get back into the routine after the new year if you’re stretching yourself in a ton of different directions. 

#3 – Be Realistic With Your Expectations 

The reason most New Years’ resolutions don’t come to fruition is unrealistic expectations of yourself. Even if you think you can run 5k every day you might accomplish it easier for the first couple of days, but time and effort will take its toll on you. Make sure your goals are tough but attainable. How do you know if you’re on the right track? You won’t until you give it a go. If you’re easily achieving your goals, pump up the difficulty, if you’re struggling, take it down a notch, but don’t give up. 

#4 – Be In It Together

Everyone is going into the New Year with expectations. We all want this to be our year to succeed. Get a promotion, win our biggest clients, or set up and grow a business. So why not collaborate. Share your goals with each other and hold each other accountable or raise each other up when times get tough. Soloentrepeuers, business owners, and directors can feel alone at the top, but reaching out and speaking candidly about your goals is never a bad thing. It shows you have purpose and people respect that. 

There you have it, 4 ways to get back into the routine after the new year. If your goal is to learn something new this year I recommend our free webcasts every Tuesday where you can learn what you need to know all about social selling, marketing, and personal branding depending on the week. Share your goals, collaborate, and learn with us this year. If your goals are different of course, I wish you the best of luck. Make 2022 a great year.


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