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4 Reasons Why Coaches Struggle to Get Clients featured image

4 Reasons Why Coaches Struggle to Get Clients

There are a variety of coaches from different backgrounds operating all over the world, with varying degrees of success. Those who struggle to get clients all to have similar problems in common. Here are the 4 reasons why coaches struggle to get clients. 

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Reason 1: The Mindset Is Wrong

When you get a deeper understanding of how your prospective clients think about their problems, you can start to mold your service around their needs. People buy from people so don’t talk to people like they are completely different organisms. Get into the mindset of your audience. What do they care about at the end of their time with you? If you’re not offering something they care about, and instead simply listing off services they will look for reasons to move along. No one is jumping to spend money, but they are looking for solutions.

Reason 2: There Is No Focus On The Clients’ Problems.   

What is the pain or frustration your coaching can solve? You’re not selling your skill or expertise, you are selling the end of the clients’ pain! Saving someone time or giving them peace of mind is too vague to be tangible examples of what you can actually achieve. Talk to the pain points and you’ll get a much better response. 

Reason 3: Pain, Outcomes, and the Gap

Goals are great to talk about, but without the gap and the pain, it won’t be as effective of a message. People are more likely to act or make a purchasing decision if their pain or frustration is high. Their aspiration or outcome alone can’t cut it. You need to be with them every step of the way.     

Reason 4: There is No Growth Plan

The process of acquiring one client is easy. The process of acquiring 10 new clients a month needs to be systemized because if it isn’t, you’ll never be able to scale up and have any degree of work-life balance.

Focusing on Big Numbers is a Mistake

When it comes to lead generation it’s easy to see it as a numbers game. You need as many people as possible in your pipeline to close those clients and keep your coaching business afloat. But, all you need is a solid number of people that keep your business afloat with room to grow. This number could be anywhere from 3 to 20. But as a solo coach can you effectively affect the lives of your clients? 

You don’t need a million clients to be successful. You can upscale pretty quickly with the right business development approach, but you still need to focus on delivering a great service for your clients. Once you’ve mapped out what that looks like, the value it brings to people and how you can scale your business you’ll never fail to get clients as a coach.


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