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3 Reasons to Grow your Company Page Following Featured Image

3 Reasons to Grow your Company Page Following

Parties are no fun when there is no one around to dance with. Right? And when it comes to business, even the most introverted business owner needs to have a community to share their successes with. But before you go through the effort of growing your company page, you may be asking yourself why. Why is it so important to have this community behind you? Don’t sweat it. Let me put things into perspective. Here are 3 Reasons to Grow your Company Page Following on LinkedIn.

Growth Titans

No one wants to be the Guinea pig

Ever gone to buy a product but stopped short because of its lack of reviews? 

No matter how much we want or need a product, it is human nature, and usually less risky to let someone else be the guinea pig. So if someone finds your company on LinkedIn but you have no existing following, alarm bells might start ringing for someone who may have otherwise been interested in following your page themself. 

A Community Hub

Company pages, when utilised correctly, can be a community hub for your employees, clients and fans. By building your community here you are also making your life easier in the long run. 

Let me explain. 

Establishing your company page and growing its following means you’ll have more eyes on the great things your business is accomplishing. It grows viewer interest in your company vision and goals – whilst also making sure you’re on the radar of relevant talent when it comes to announcing job opportunities, hiring, or advertising your events. Just like LinkedIn groups, you’ll collectively bring your audience to a single page where you can share your insights and offerings.

Benefit from the Features

We all know LinkedIn has a swathe of great features to help founders grow their businesses, as well as to help individuals expand their professional networks. But when it comes to your Company Page, there are some prerequisites to accessing certain big-ticket features. One of these features is LinkedIn Live. 

In order to apply for LinkedIn Live and go live on the platform your company page needs to have a certain amount of followers. I suppose this is to stop anyone from going live and saturating the platform for nefarious, non-business-related purposes. 

Once you have 150 followers, you can now go live on your company page.

But since you’ve already built a community, you may as well keep going. Right? 

Just the tip of the Iceberg 

By no means is this an exhaustive list of reasons why you should grow your company page on LinkedIn, but I hope it has been a good place to start. 

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of perspective for you to recognise how growing your LinkedIn community could take your business to the next level. 

What are you still doing here? Go grow that company page of yours. 


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