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3 Free Ways To Get Leads For Your Business featured image

3 Free Ways To Get Leads For Your Business

Your online sales are mostly influenced by how well you convert your leads to customers. So for your sales to be successful you need to have a steady supply of leads. If you don’t have the numbers to draw people into your services, then you will not be able to make the money you need to grow. Here are a few free methods to get more leads for your business. 

Viral Marketing 

One free method of generating leads is through viral marketing. Viral marketing is when you share a short report, ebook or video with your audience. With this offering, you can lead them to a number of different opportunities. From joining your latest webinar to heading over to your website for a direct sale. The real opportunity here isn’t actually in the call-to-action, but how many more leads you can create with your marketing. 

If your content is good enough, it will be shared with others within their network. The snowball effect of one piece of content leads to amazing results. But, don’t think one piece of content will be enough. One advertisement won’t be the end to all your lead problems if it doesn’t generate that snowball effect. Not all content is destined for greatness straight away. It can take many different attempts to get right, but when you get it right, it’s a powerful tool. 


Guest Writing 

Another free method for generating leads is through article marketing. By writing articles on a topic that you have a strong interest and experience in, it’ll give you more credibility and helps you gain more trust from your target market. If your own company website doesn’t have a lot of traffic, you can guest write for a more established website and generate links to your own site. 

Even if you’re not the greatest writer you can gain tips and tricks through communicating with the article publishers. Ask them what works best for you and they can help show you where you need to improve when it comes to your writing and style. As long as your spelling, grammar and message are good, then you’ll be able to see your website start gaining some traction. This does take some time, but once the momentum is built, it’ll work wonders for you. 

Personal Branding and Social Media 

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter house great opportunities for businesses to showcase their services and products. Although they favour those businesses spending advertising money there are different ways of achieving leads for your business without spending all of your budgets. 

For example, if you build up countless personal profiles of yourself and your team, your business name will be broadcast all around the platform without succumbing to paid advertising. This doesn’t mean that the paid advertising doesn’t work, but it’s not free. You wouldn’t be reading an article about free leads otherwise! 

Build up your own profile and see your company name grow with you. The larger and more involved your team, the better results you’ll see. 

As you can see, there are many free methods for getting leads for your business and they have proven results. The key to the success of your internet business is finding a way to combine free methods with paid methods to build a profitable business. You have to know which one is going to bring you more traffic and convert more potential customers. 

These are just a few free ways to get leads for your business. In order to make money with your list building, you need to focus on creating a solid relationship with people in your network and follow up with them regularly. This can be done through emails, articles, forums and other ways of getting in front of them in person.

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