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Since our inception in 2014, Maverrik has worked with start-up entrepreneurs, Small Business Pioneers and global players to grow their revenue, margin and profit.

We have a global mission to help one million businesses grow, we’ve developed digital selling strategies and training that will help leaders and their teams gain total clarity so that they can strategically and relationally grow their business with digital and social selling.

We want you to never worry about sales again.

Dean Seddon

Founder & CEO

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Our Values

These principles are the framework of our culture and the driving force of our future.

Honest & real

We do what we believe in, we’re not people pleasers, we are fair, straightforward and upfront.

Own the outcome

We are committed to results for clients, we each have our part to play in the outcome. Money is a by-product of results, we are happy to put our name to our work.

Know our stuff

We are committed to learning, we practice what we teach and we are not afraid to try.

Think beyond ourselves

We give back to the community, we support each other, we go the extra mile, we make a difference, we know what we do has an impact on others.

We're all in

We don’t do half measures, we are in it for the long term.

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Dean Seddon

Founder of Maverrik

Dean founded Maverrik (then called Maverick) in 2014 as a consultancy and business development company.

Having delivered growth in several small and large businesses, he embarked on building an organisation which would help businesses cut through the fog and grow people, sales and profit. 

Dean is a practical, hands-on business speaker and trainer. Supported by the Maverrik team, Dean speaks at over 100 events per year, consults with large and small businesses across the world and is passionate about getting results for people.


Vasco Botelho

Chief Strategy Officer

Honesty is better than sugar coated bullshit


Terry Heath

Head of Operations

I’ve not lost my mind. Half of it wandered off and the other half went looking for it.


Dylane Bellini

Head of Print

If it’s not on Amazon … does it exist?


Abigail Ames

Marketing Account Manager

This whole working for a living thing goes on for how long?


Kurtis Cheah

Head of Customer Development

To be fair…….


David Falkner

Head of Design

It ain't cheesy being easy


Josh Ramirez

Clients Business Development Executive

Luke Tew

Head of Content

Sometimes I think I lost something really important to me, but it turns out I already ate it.


Lerryn Martin

Head Copywriter

Don't Forget: You're Here Forever.


Alex Harwood

Head of Tech

Don't Blame me, I voted for Kodos


Cherry Berry

Junior Content Writer

Is it lunchtime yet?


Abby Falkner

Head of Marketing

I used to have functioning brain cells, but I traded them in for children…


Josh Silvester

Web Developer

Bradley Wye

Head of Video

Gregory Buck

Junior Content Writer

I love Tuesdays


Jack Ide

Client Communication Executive

Hit it and hope...



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