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Elevate Spotlight with LeeAnne Featured Image

Spotlight on Elevate with Lee-Ann Johnstone

We caught up with Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder of Affiverse, to discover more about ELEVATE 2023…

Hi Lee-Ann, can you tell us a little about Affiverse?

Thanks for having me! Sure… I founded Affiverse in 2019, following on from almost two decades of digital marketing and affiliate experience. We’re a small and highly driven team who have a passion for all things affiliate marketing. Affiverse is a Google News approved curated content hub and affiliate marketing agency.

So, you’re here to tell us about Affiverse Elevate 2023? Over to you…

Simply put, ELEVATE was born from my desire to celebrate and elevate all things affiliate and performance marketing based. It’s a virtual summit, taking place on July 18th and 19th, and I curate the event myself. This is an awesome industry to work in and I crave connectivity and this event really reflects that. There is no school of affiliate marketing and so I wanted to bring the brightest and best minds together to educate and inform.

Who should attend Elevate?

It’s a fun and educational event for publishers, affiliates, affiliate managers and SaaS suppliers who work within the partnership economy. So, if you’re looking for a friendly place to connect with  experts and get those important questions answered, this is it! 

What will attendees gain from the two day agenda?

We all gain! My motto is ‘ABL’ (Always Be Learning). I know that the pandemic pushed us all into more virtual summits and digital learning, but the reality is that it’s not always possible to jump on a plane or train to attend an event in person. I wanted to give the option to people looking to learn in the affiliate world and make it both affordable and accessible. 

You will be able to put your questions to industry experts. The whole event is interactive, and tickets are priced at £49 until June 18th, so you’re paying less than £25 a day to have direct access to our speakers and learn from the very best.

How did you decide which Speakers were the best fit?

I’m very lucky to have got to know such inspiring people during my career. I suppose I focused on key topics that I wanted to be covered. I’m not afraid to ask the hard questions, there’s no fluff or filler at our events, it’s all clever content curated to flow and deliver.

For 2023, a key factor has been the inclusion of AI and Chat GPT. I mean, how could it not be? It’s such a huge talking point right now, so we have lots of amazing people coming to speak on the future of Web3 and what this all means in real terms. Learn how to optimise and become more efficient and more importantly what all this means for your affiliate program.

Will there also be a socialising aspect?

Oh, yes! It’s a high-energy two-day agenda. But it’s LOTS of fun. We’ll play games and probably feature a pub quiz to stimulate the networking. Everyone there is in the performance marketing or affiliate world so come along and embrace the opportunity to learn and grow. Powerful and meaningful connections will be made. Meet people who can coach or mentor you, or send more traffic to your site, or demonstrate a new tool. We’re here to bring you all together.

How about companies who are interested in partnering with you for ELEVATE?

If you have a product or service that speaks to affiliate managers or publishers then you need to be at Elevate. This is where the audience is gathered to hear all about it! Use the virtual event to establish relationships and build the connections that your business needs. 

Lee-Ann, thank you for spending five minutes with us to explain ELEVATE, how can people discover more?

I enjoyed it, thank you. You can find out more about all the speakers attending at the link below and don’t forget that Early Bird tickets fly the nest on 18th June so get yours before we move to the next price tier. Tickets are free if you are a Publisher or Affiliate. See you there! 


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