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Founded by Dean Seddon

Dean founded Maverrik (then called Maverick) in 2014 as a consultancy and business development company.

Having delivered growth in several small and large businesses, he embarked on building an organisation which would help businesses cut through the fog and grow people, sales and profit. 

Dean is a practical, hands-on business speaker and trainer. Supported by the Maverrik team, Dean speaks at over 100 events per year, consults with large and small businesses across the world and is passionate about getting results for people.

About us

We provide courses, coaching and consultancy that equip people with the tools, methods and strategies they need to get clients, grow faster and spend less time selling.

Solopreneurs – leverage personal brand and social selling to build an awesome business. 

Sales Teams – Sell more, sell faster, sell better, by harnessing social selling to hit their targets. 

Senior Leaders – Leverage thought leadership, build their personal brand and extend the reach of the companies they represent.

We do this through proven structured methods that are, Organic, Authentic, Human Without playing a numbers game. 

If you are a…

Small Business Owner, Sales Leader or a Senior Executive, schedule a call with the Maverrik team to start your journey and leverage your online presence to success.

Meet the team

Vasco Maverrik

Vasco Botelho

Vice President EMEA

Terry Maverrik

Terry Heath

Director of Training
Kurtis Maverrik

Kurtis Cheah

Business Development Director

Dave Meet the team

Dave Falkner

Growth Development Director

Our services

LinkedIn Strategy 

Understand and have a plan on how to use LinkedIn to grow your business 

Sales Navigator Training 

Find and engage prospects by utilizing Sales Navigator’s advanced tools

Sales Coaching 

How to engage prospects in a digital space. Converting them into calls and opportunities 

LinkedIn Content

Establish yourself as a go to expert and increase your reach

LinkedIn Ads 

Leverage the ads platform to increase brand awareness, reach prospects and generate leads

Managed Services

Eliminate the guesswork, stress, time and energy. We’ll grow your business on LinkedIn for you 

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