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Why should you join an online community?

Why should you join an online community?

Our lives are made of communities; friends, family, and anyone with a shared interest. No matter how independent you are, you will or have benefitted from being part of a community at some point in your journey. 

Being part of a community provides you with invaluable insight, opportunities you otherwise never would have had access to and on-demand support that will propel you forward. So, why wouldn’t you want to join an online community created solely for this shared purpose?

Growth Titans

Don’t think Facebook or LinkedIn. Social media communities are not the same as dedicated online communities. The most significant difference is that online communities are built with greater purpose, intent and commitment.

The benefits of joining an online community are:

  • Gaining practical, trusted advice
  • Accessing a variety of learning opportunities
  • Comparing your knowledge with other professionals
  • Making more informed decisions
  • Taking your career to the next level
  • Staying ahead of industry trends
  • Escaping the social media algorithms

Gain practical, trusted advice

The internet is filled with resources upon resources for whatever question is plaguing you. There are two issues with this: 1) There’s not enough time in the day to search through these resources for the one you need and 2) You can’t always guarantee these resources are from legitimate sources.

Throw your questions into an online community and you’ll get back specific, real-life answers from people you have already built trusting relationships with.

Access to a variety of learning opportunities

As well as specifically curated resources, online communities are a place where you can have access to worksheets, challenges and live training. This includes opportunities to ask questions and get feedback in real time.

With most communities aiming to grow more and more over time, there’s no end to the learning opportunities that are available to you.

Compare your knowledge with other professionals

Being challenged is a crucial part of growth. No matter how confident you are in your knowledge, seeing a different viewpoint could be greatly beneficial. Solopreneurs in particular often miss out on this because they don’t have a team around them to bounce ideas off of.

Of course, there are friends and family but, unless they have intimate knowledge of your industry, their advice could completely deter you. Online communities are filled with people who have already been right where you are, so who better to get a little perspective?

Growth Titans

Make more informed decisions

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask a question. Whether you’ve been part of the community for a while or just joined, there will be various resources and conversation threads for you to check out.

Having access to this kind of knowledge will allow you to make future decisions that will save you significant time and money compared to if you went ahead alone.

Stay ahead of industry trends

Trends disappear as quickly as they appear. You’ve got to be vigilant if you want to take advantage of them. However, usually, by the time most people hear about a trend, it’s reached its popularity peak and is already on the decline.

It’s impossible to expect a single person to keep on top of everything that’s trending. But, it’s not impossible for a community to stay up to date. A trend missed by one member will be picked up by another, collating everything into one easily accessible place.

Take your career to the next level

The combined benefit of everything already mentioned is the effect being part of an online community will have on your career. You’ll gain insights, opportunities, knowledge and experience you otherwise never would have.

The community you join could be a vital turning point in your journey as a solopreneur or business owner.

Escape social media algorithms

Online communities are run by the people for the people. There’s no pesky algorithm putting up a wall between you and a vital connection or choosing the content you see. You get to decide everything and have access to specifically curated resources.

You’ll have access to content and conversations that can’t be found anywhere, all ad-free.

Why should you join the Growth Titans Community?

Growth Titans is a community for aspiring business owners and solopreneurs who want the tools, templates and training to make more money and grow their businesses. It’s also a place to get ongoing support from professionals and peers who are all ready and willing to share their experience, insights and knowledge.


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