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Welcome to Sales Fails a series where we take a deep dive into the worlds most interesting and bizarre sales pitches and see how we could make them work.
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Signed Sealed Delivered

Need something shipped anywhere at anytime? Luke doesn’t. But, that didn’t stop this LinkedIn user from taking all the details along the way.

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Dr Foodenstein

Luke looks at an email that landed straight into his spam folder. How did it get there? He’s hungry for an answer.

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No Money No Love Island

What happens when Luke is offered a moment in paradise with some of the finest entrepreneurs around?

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The Hackerman

What happens when a hacker emailed Luke threatening to expose him? He creates a video!

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Sell Me This Pen!

Luke retells a personal story of failing to sell during an interesting job interview. How did he manage when asked the dreaded question “Sell me this Pen”?

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The True Story of Jordan Beanfort

Luke takes us through the journey of none other than Jordan Beanfort. Have you met a pushy “know everything about marketing, I wrote the book on making sales” I think we all know at least one of these salespeople, right?

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Primed and Ready

Luke looks at Amazon Prime Fails and how you can avoid making simple mistakes that could cost you! 

Luke shows you how you can avoid creating bad product descriptions and shares his insights on how to write a product description.

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Pools Gold

Social Selling on LinkedIn can be tough to tackle. In this video, Luke takes a look at an interesting message he received from a connection looking to help with an interesting problem he might be having.

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Chairway to Heaven

In this episode Luke breaks down an interesting email sent to sell him a new chair. Did the pitch manage to get a seat at the table?