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We’ll work together in our programmes using our Maverrik Methodology to make you sales. 

We’ve helped thousands of businesses achieve results without ever having to use paid ads or cold calling.

Let’s do this together and let’s do it NOW.

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An Intensive 90 Day Sales Programme for professionals who need to sell more, sell better and scale their sales performance.
Our programmes combine a series of sprints to increase, margin, revenue, and profit in a 90-day period.



Revenue sprints are based on Maverrik’s proprietary methodology which combines the best of marketing with the best of sales, to refine your value proposition, strategy, and tactics to leverage digital platforms to achieve results in 12 weeks.

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Who are the revenue sprints programmes for?


A Small team looking to develop their digital presence and generate visibility and inbound enquiries.


Larger teams focused on sales, hitting sales targets and want to improve their results.

How Revenue Sprints Will Help You Get Results

90 Day Revenue Sprints

Revenue Sprints are Maverrik’s main programmes for business owners, sales professionals, and digital marketers.

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Weekly Live Training

We run live training sessions every week to review performance, overcome roadblocks and discuss personal goals. So you’re never alone wondering what steps you need to take next. This creates a more personalised approach to your sprint so we can achieve the results you are looking for from the programme.

90 Day Action Plan For Results

Creating a timeline and sticking to it is essential for hitting your sales targets. We’ve created a 90-Day actionable plan all about one thing: results. From really understanding your offering to creating conversations with your target clients in 90 days.

Implement As You Go

Each sprint within the programme comes with reference guides, workbooks and actionable advice. No floating ideologies, just key steps to take for generating sales online. Whether you are starting from scratch or upskilling a team of a hundred sales professionals you can implement each sprint as you make your way through the programme.

Tech and Implementation Support

We offer technical and implementation support so everyone who joins is able to continuously push towards their goals. Sprints cover a variety of techniques and methods used to generate business and our team will help you understand and leverage them to improve your sales performance. 

Experienced Team

Our sprints are backed by our sales and support team, who are practicing and implementing the sprints themselves to generate business. With a combined knowledge in Sales, Marketing, Content and Design our team is readily available to solve a wide variety of problems. In short, we know how to help keep you moving forwards.

Digital Training Library

Our ever-expanding digital training library will be available for you to take advantage of throughout your 90 Day Sprint. Anytime access to workbooks, videos and strategies designed to deliver consistent results.


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This is the second course I’ve done…

This is the second course I’ve done with Maverrik and I couldn’t be more impressed. Cutting edge content delivered in a relaxed, friendly way, by a genuinely caring and very likeable team. Several times I’ve felt I’ve got my money’s worth in just one session. I couldn’t recommend them any more. If you’re thinking about working with Maverrik, do it.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

Maverrik’s process and training helped…

Maverrik’s process and training helped me and my company get phone calls with potential clients. This was during lockdown.It worked really well Their process is relational, and non-pushy and I have found it extremely valuable for our business.
I would rate them 6 our of 5 stars if I could.

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trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

Easy to follow and rapid impact

Brilliant straight forward teaching that us easy to follow even if you are not very IT savvy. The team are really helpful and everything is personalised to meet your particular interests. I started seeing the impact within 3 weeks or starting even though I could not put all the advice into practice immediately.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

A fantastic learning experience

I’ve been training with Dean and his team on the Accelerator course for a few months. It’s amazing value for money, in fact, it’s quite brilliant.

The results I am getting are really positive. The engagement that my profile now gets is superb, and the new business connections that I am making are really pleasing.

What I like the most is that Dean and his team, are obsessed with helping you win new business through Linkedin.

Their commitment to your success is something to behold.This is unlike any other training course I have ever been on. In fact, it’s the best training I have ever done in my 30 years in my industry.



Developing your sales process and finding your prospects

Creating your stranger-to-a-map

Choosing the path you’ll take to the sale (Channels)


Defining your go-to market strategy

Optimising you for your market

Developing your offer to your audience

The Land & Expand Strategy of Selling


Developing your content for attention.

Training on the social media and tools to get in front of more prospects.

Developing your scripts for selling.


Understanding Intent it is impact on your sales conversions.

Building your Intent Based Content

Leveraging intent for your benefit.


Creating you workflow and activity plan for results

Ensuring your pipeline sufficient for speed of sales

Building a long term pipeline.

We cover everything you need to achieve revenue in 90-days, the only thing you need to bring is yourself and elbow grease


Content Marketing Sprint

Content can generate clients if you leverage it the right way. Use it to help people see why they need you. This sprint will teach you how. Generate interested prospects just from creating content.

Margin Sprint

This sprint is about engineering margin by ‘premiumising’ your offering to attract
higher value clients who are prepared to pay more for a higher quality, more exclusive or a more valuable service.

Sales Sprint

This is a highly focused sales sprint for sales professionals with a revenue target. This sales sprint is for those who wish to hit a sales target in the 90-day period. Before embarking on this sprint, it is recommended you have some sales experience.

Value Proposition Sprint

Build your value proposition into a tool you can use to demonstrate your value. Without the value proposition you will find it hard to articulate and for the prospect to understand the value you can deliver.

Prospecting Sprint

Create two-way conversations with prospects, booking meetings and sales calls. Creating conversations on digital platforms is an art-form. This sprint will teach you how to create conversations with anyone.

Webinar Sprint

Webinars are a great tool for building trust and moving a large volume of prospects further into your sales process. This sprint will help you design, promote, and run the webinar, which gets the right people and find the people who want to buy.

Land & Expand Sprint

Create a simple offering that can onboard clients. This sprint uses a ‘gateway service’ to help you ‘land’ large complex clients quickly and efficiently, so you can ‘expand’ your relationship.

Thought Leadership Sprint

How to grow your personal and company brand, visibility and influence using digital platforms. Ideal for CEOs and businesses looking to increase their visibility and take a market leadership position.

LinkedIn Sprint

Leverage LinkedIn to Increase your marketing reach, generate leads and close clients. Implementing social selling techniques to create more conversations leading to more high-value sales. Growing your network and generating more clients.


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trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

25k invoiced and £600k in annual revenue

I’ve closed 6 new clients and 20 enquiries in 13 weeks from Maverrik’s training. Awesome group of people. Our new clients will spend circa £600k with us in the next year.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

Just after 3 weeks working with…

Just after 3 weeks of working with Maverrik on my LinkedIn, I was able to close a deal of $1.5 million.

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trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

More inbound enquiries in 7 days than the whole of the previous month

Since our first call with Dean, we adjusted our messaging and have had more cold inbound enquiries and conversations in the last 7 days that in the whole of the previous month.

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  • Result / Goal Setting Session
  • Live Group Training & Support
  • Digital Training Library
  • Monthly 1:1 Goals Review / Coaching
  • Weekly Team Coaching
  • Telephone / Email / On-demand support
  • Customised Weekly Training
  • 1:1 Asset Creation, Messaging &
    Content Support


Per Person Per Month (3 Month Commitment)


  • Result / Goal Setting Session
  • Live Group Training & Support
  • Digital Training Library
  • Monthly 1:1 Goals Review / Coaching
  • Weekly Team Coaching
  • Telephone / Email / On-demand support
  • Customised Weekly Training
  • 1:1 Asset Creation, Messaging &
    Content Support


Per Person Per Month (3 Month Commitment)

*For larger numbers of participants or bespoke programme, please contact us.
* Prices exclude VAT / Sales Tax where applicable.



Once we have decided the best way the programme can benefit your business, the next step is to schedule your onboarding call and enrol you into the 90 Day Revenue Sprints.