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How Strategy Can Help You Achieve the Business Growth You Need

How Strategy Can Help You Achieve the Business Growth You Need

You want business growth, but you don’t know where to start. Even if you have a plan, it won’t work if you don’t implement it well. This will leave you discouraged and with empty pockets. You need a strategy that will work for your business.  

A good strategy will help you: 

Expand Your Business 

Having a strategy that works will help you expand your business. 

Expansion can have many forms, but it all comes down to something that has a positive effect on your business health.

A successful marketing strategy will open up new markets for your products or services. Or, if your business is known for something, you may want to expand into other areas and sit in a different category.

Reach Your Turnover Target 

A strategy will help you reach your turnover target. 

What are the figures you want to reach? 

You should have a time limit for these too. Think about whether you need your financial target to increase over the next 3 months, 6 months or a year. A strategy will help you plan this out in easy chunks to help you reach your goal. 

More Customers 

If your marketing works, your pipeline and conversation to customers will increase. You will find more enquiries in your inbox and more conversations with potential leads. More customers will add to your revenue, which will then increase your company’s value. Your business hangs on your customers, so having a strategy will ensure you have sustainable growth.

More Time 

This is one of the best things about a successful strategy. People can get caught up in plans that are not working and they don’t change them because they are familiar with them. 

But here’s the problem… 

If you stick with a plan just because it ‘kind of works’ or you are used to it, you will not grow your business. Instead you will waste time fiddling with marketing strategies when you could be doing less and growing your business.

Saves You Money 

A Strategy also saves you money.

You could invest focused time and energy into a few useful things in your marketing strategy.  As a result of this, you get amazing results instead of spreading yourself too thin trying to do everything without a plan. 

Your business will grow from this business expansion, reaching your turnover target, getting more customers and saving your time and money. 

But, to achieve great business growth, you need a strategy that works for you. 

You also need implementation. 

Companies can have ‘strategies’, but they might not be good for you. You can find stuff online or pay for strategies that will promise your growth. Lots of marketing agencies will try and feed you with free or paid strategies plans that are generic. They can work up until a point, but you are using a one-size-fits-all method.

You need to find a plan that will help your business specifically. 

We offer strategy in our consultancy sessions that will fit you and your business. 

Dean Seddon

Dean Seddon

I've worked with some amazing companies from start ups to multi-nationals. I've also guest lectured at Universities in the UK. I'm the maverick that helps business solve their No 1 problem; How to convince more customers to buy.
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