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Virtual Group Training

We offer Virtual Group Training Sessions for up to 12 people specifically to maximise their LinkedIn presence. Learn how to leverage content online and convert viral views into sales. Our tailored strategies focus on business and sales growth online across industries and sectors. We can support you in discovering how you can use LinkedIn to develop brand awareness, web traffic and sales enquiries using organic and paid features. Each session is carefully curated for your business. During the booking process, we will define your needs and adjust your training to deliver the best results for your business.

Our Virtual LinkedIn Group training can be delivered as a four-hour session or two blocks of two hours over different days.

linkedin training phil testimonial

Phil Marshall

Original thinker & problem solver using creativity, strategy and behavioural science to deliver a strong ROI

Dean’s knowledge of LinkedIn is outstanding, this allows his training sessions to be highly informative and incredibly useful and powerful.


Yes – all our training will show you how to safely grow your audience without damaging your profile health.

Yes – we show you how to write for your target audience and increase the visibility of your content.

In all our training we cover Company Pages and how to use them and grow them effectively.

LinkedIn’s terms of service specifically prohibit the use of automation. You risk your account being permanently restricted or closed if you use automation. We will however show you how to use LinkedIn safely and efficiently without automation.

We’ve trained for Microsoft as well as other big named companies and have a track record of producing training which teaches the ‘how to’ as well as the features.

Our Sales and Marketing modules have helped large corporations and SMEs generate new business without some of the more aggressive techniques of ‘connect and pitch’ that have become so common.

Yes. Most of the techniques out there these days resort to quite pushy or aggressive sales tactics.

All our methods are more about relationship building so that people do not ignore or ‘ghost’ you and that’s why our training is so popular and successful.

If you want to make the most of what is the most powerful B2B digital tool, it is smart to get some training so you can leverage it for your benefit.

Our training shows you how it works and how all the elements of LinkedIn can come together to help you achieve results which more than justify your effort and time.


Key Modules of All Training

Optional Modules for Virtual or Corporate Workshops