How to spot a Fake Influencer

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With more businesses looking to influencers for business growth and brand recognition, many people are willing to fake their following for the sake of capitalizing on the current trend. Does this mean influencer marketing is a scam? Of course not. Well, not most of the time. Make sure you’re working with the right people who understand your market before considering working with any influencer. There are telling signs that these people aren’t who they say they are, and here is how you can spot a fake influencer. 

The Approach

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Unless you’ve sought out the influencer yourself they’ve approached you and your company for exposure possibilities. Before you look at the account you should ensure that the message is more personable to you and your company, otherwise, it’s an automated message they send to everyone. Including phrases like “Wow, love your content… would you be interested in…” and “Love your post, I offer…” now they seem genuine, to begin with, but as time goes on you soon learn they have no idea who you actually are and haven’t even looked at your content. If you’re just another sale down the line it can be a red flag that the engagement you receive from their “services” will also be automated responses and bots. 

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Follow the Numbers

Numbers don’t mean everything in influencer marketing. The reason why many brands back an influencer is well because of their influence. They have a grasp of the market the brand is trying to connect with by being an advocate for them. So, just having a large following doesn’t mean they have influence. It could mean they’ve implemented follow-for-follow extensively or used bot accounts to raise their accounts to the heavens. Implement a dip test into the followers and check the accounts are real, recently active and are the right people for you. If the follower list is private, check the posts themselves for the engagement. Are the comments too similar? Do they sound like automated statements? 

The Right Fit 

You will see a few fake Influencer’s tackle the same hashtags to generate business, so if you post once about a dog’s recent visit to your accountancy firm you won’t get offers to grow your finance business. Instead, you’ll get offers to propel the dog’s career. If you’re going into influencer marketing those who prospect are usually those who don’t offer much value. They are the influencers, so you should be seeking them out as you understand the effect they have on your target audience. So make sure they are the right fit and never respond to obviously automated messages. 

Influencer marketing can be a tough road to navigate as the biggest names come with the biggest price tags. With any niche influencer covered by an air of mystery whether the authenticity is there or not. Sometimes it’s obvious, you can see right through an account with fake engagement. Other times it’s hard to spot a fake influencer from a real one. My best advice is to open up a conversation and gauge reaction. Don’t argue or barter to extensively, just discuss. Cracks soon develop on fake influencers when challenged, so don’t be afraid to ask a question or two. 

If you want to avoid influencer marketing altogether and become the influencer yourself, we’ve got in-depth social selling tools at the Maverrik Store.

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How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

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There are many reasons why people are looking to cancel LinkedIn premium services on their accounts. However, one key reason that appears more frequently than others is value for money. They just simply aren’t getting the value they are looking for. Which is why we cover how to leverage these tools in our Win Your next Client on LinkedIn Course. Nevertheless here is the set-by-step guide on how to cancel your LinkedIn Premium. 

Canceling your Premium Subscription on Desktop

If you are cancelling your subscription on the desktop version of LinkedIn click on the “Me” icon, your face in the top right of the screen. Then select “Premium Subscription Settings” and navigate to the Manage Premium Account on the right. Click Cancel Subscription and confirm by clicking Continue to cancel. 

Broken down into simple clicks: 

  1. Me (profile photo at the top right)
  2. Premium Subscription Settings
  3. Manage Premium Account 
  4. Cancel Subscription
  5. Continue to cancel. 

You have now cancelled your subscription to LinkedIn Premium. 

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Cancelling Linkedin Premium on iTunes and iOS

Apples account management and user privacy policies don’t allow refunds for purchases made through iTunes, but here is a guide for accessing your subscription settings on iTunes for Desktop. 

First, you need to Download or Open iTunes and sign in. Find “Account” at the top of your screen or in the menu bar and click “View my Account”. Authenticate your Apple ID if necessary, then click view account. On the Account Information page, scroll to the Settings section. On the right of Subscriptions, click Manage. To the right of your LinkedIn Premium subscription, you will see Edit. Click Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen and click Confirm. 

Unfortunately, there are no current options to cancel your subscription through an android device or the Lite App directly, so we recommend using the desktop tutorial above. 

What happens next? 

Once you’ve cancelled your Linkedin Premium account your account will reform into the basic free account. You will not lose any of your connections or data. But, you will lose access to premium features such as InMail, Who’s viewed my profile and hit commercial use limit whilst searching for connections. LinkedIn offers a wide range of premium tools such as Premium Career, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, Premium Business and LinkedIn Learning. Each has its unique services which help people achieve different goals around the platform. 

If you’re cancelling your LinkedIn Premium account due to value we highly recommend taking advantage of our online courses. Maximising your use of these tools could completely change how you are currently using LinkedIn and turn your profile into an essential sales tool to grow your business. 

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The Best Way to Increase Your Following on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to make social selling work or become a thought leader on LinkedIn your end goal is probably defined by the numbers. How many connections you have or how much engagement your last post achieved it’s all defined as your online following. So, how do you increase this following and achieve the results you’re looking for? 

Increase Your Output 

To build any audience you need something that draws people in. Whether that’s a person, a long-running series of content or a product. To keep the audience engaged and growing you need to be continuously offering to them. Giving them a reason to follow you through showcasing your value. If you’re creative, and your output is building up art, writing a piece or creating a video over time you can keep your audience’s attention through updates. Then you can release your work to a warm audience eager to see what you’ve been working on. This method can also work with new ventures, rebranding and small businesses can use this to document their journey. It adds an extra level of authenticity and the realisation that the journey matters when it comes to your audience. 

Breakthrough Your comfort zone

If you’re going to get started with your following you’ll need to break through your comfort zone and start reaching people. This could mean reaching out to build up your connections or engaging with content and discussions. It’s almost impossible to gain real traction on LinkedIn without a little give-and-take engagement. Unless you’ve achieved some form of notability elsewhere you’re not going to immediately see thousands of views on every post. A few one-hit wonders may make you feel on top of the world for a moment, but that’s not a following. That’s one glimmer of what a real following can achieve. 

The Strength of Compound Action 

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A simple action over time can yield some amazing results, and that’s how you should view your presence online. There are methods and strategies to achieve some great results from day one, but for a real highly engaged following you need a lot of time to build yourself up. If you post every day, engage with everyone and put yourself in your audiences lives every day you will fall into their lives effortlessly. As long as some value is there in the relationship, no matter if it’s at a distance, those simple actions over time will achieve results. 

Do Not Take People for Granted

This is where most of us can go wrong when it comes to LinkedIn. We’ve networked, we’ve posted and engaged and unfortunately begun coasting. If your content becomes stale or you post-sales posts every day the engagement will fall and your audience will soon drop off. Posting every day for months can be tiring and inspiration can waiver. It’s inevitable. When those slumps hit you have to own them. Let people know how you’re feeling and move forwards. The worst thing you can do is continuously take the low-effort path. When you accept what’s happened, and battle through it you will increase your following instead of witnessing the death of your profile. 

The best way to increase your following on LinkedIn is by offering continuous value to your target audience. Getting started can be tough, but with a little bit of motivation every day, anyone can establish and build a strong following online. 

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How to change your LinkedIn Header Image

How to change your LinkedIn Banner Image featured

Your LinkedIn banner is placed above your profile picture on your LinkedIn and becomes a major part of how you are seen on the platform. As you draw people into your profile the first thing they will see is your banner. Which should be a beacon for who you are and your business. During the profile setup you are given the LinkedIn default header until you decide to customise it. Here is how to change your LinkedIn Banner

Create your Header Image

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First you need an image to put in your banner. The recommended dimensions for your header is 1548 Pixels Wide and 396 pixels height. Whichever you chose you must ensure not to go over the maximum file size of 8MB and the file type must be PNG or JPEG

Linkedin Banner first image

Be aware when using text within your banner. As your profile picture will be placed in the left hand corner of the image you should not place text in the sector. In this example the designers have purposely left this area uncovered. 

Linkedin Banner Profile with banner

In order to change your banner you need to click on the pencil icon to the right of the page next to More…

The Edit Intro section will appear which will give you the option to once again click the pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon on the banner image to begin changing your header. 

Setting linkedin banner image

Click onto “Change photo”, select your image from your hard drive and then click Apply to save your preference. You can Zoom and straighten your image, but if the dimensions are correct this will not be necessary. Finally click Save and your new header will be ready to be seen by your connections. 

If you looking to change your headers for all your social media pages check out our 2020 guide for creating successful media headers. For all things LinkedIn you can follow our list for Why Businesses should invest in LinkedIn Training. 

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Why Your Sales Post Failed on LinkedIn

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When it comes to selling yourself and your business on LinkedIn you want to ensure you are doing everything you can to direct people in the right direction. Promoting your business on a platform formerly used for business growth and sharing our experience seems simple. But a lot of sales posts on LinkedIn fall flat of our expectations. Do you want to know the real reason your post failed to bring in any prospective clients? 

You post the same thing every day 

When you hear the same word over and over again it comes to a point where it can lose all its meaning to you. I can’t count the number of times the word Webinar has looked just plain wrong after typing it out consistently in a short period of time. Just like this phenomenon, your sales message can easily be lost if your audience sees it all day every day. Who wants to talk to a person who says the same thing every day. It would feel like talking to a robot rather than a person. So ensure your message is varied. Offer more than one selling point or aspect of your business. It can seem tough after you’ve found your niche, but believe me when I say there is more than one way to tell people you have the best service around. 

You don’t have an Engaged Audience

Social selling is all about building relationships and an audience. If no one has liked your last few posts this means that you don’t really have anyone looking forward to what you have to say. There is a reason people clink a glass before a speech. You need to garner attention before you go for a sales post. Maybe ask a question in one post and answer it with your product in the next. Or simply go commercial-free for a while before hitting your audience with a post about your business. 

Having an active audience is important for any successful business post. Think about why you would follow anyone on any platform. They offer you something in their content. Whether that’s ideas, humour or just their personality. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself the question “would anyone want to engage with this?” before you post. Don’t panic about posting, but give it some thought. 

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You haven’t offered anything new

If you take a look at all the posts on LinkedIn boasting about being the number one brand in their sector they all have one thing in common. No one believes them. We live in times where best doesn’t mean best for everyone. We all have preferences with who we work with. A vast majority of the time we choose who is the best fit for us, not just who is the best. So you have to find your unique selling point and then market yourself to those it would appeal to. 

Alongside this, you have to make yourself stand out if you’re going to have a successful offering. Maybe use a limited time deal for those in your connection pool to give them something a little extra for being a loyal connection. If you Reward activity and time spent with you, it’ll give you a happy and engaged audience. 

Your Call to Action was too vague

Low effort can be seen a mile away on LinkedIn so it’s important to show everyone you’ve thought things through before you decided to make a post. Ensure your call-to-actions have clear directions and your contact information, weblinks, surveys etc. Are correct and easy to navigate. 

Ensure your profile is up to date so anyone interested in your offer is safe in the mind is coming from a reliable source. If you have a new business you are promoting and you haven’t even added it to your profile it could mean several things to your audience. 

There is nothing wrong with posting about your business. It’s a key point in social selling and shows you are proud of what you are a part of. The right sales post can completely transform your business when it reaches the right person. On the other hand it’s easy to fall into bad practice with them.

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LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index Explained

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index Explained featured image

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index highlights your social selling performance. Initially, the tool was exclusive for members who opted for the premium service Sales Navigator. Now LinkedIn has opened this service up for anyone. Those who want to review their social selling performance. But… What exactly is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index? 

The Four Key Factors 

LinkedIn breaks the index down to four main factors: 

linkedin ssi
  1. Establishing your professional brand

Building your brand on LinkedIn is based on how well you present yourself. Ensure you have a complete profile so everyone knows who you are, your experiences and your business. A Complete profile gives you more reach on the platform and your content will perform much better. Content is also a factor for improving your score, as it establishes your professional brand (as seen above in Orange). Posting highly engaging content, and commenting on well-performing posts all help improve your score. LinkedIn states that 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to engage with sales professionals if they are known industry thought leaders. 

  1. Finding the right people

This factor is self-explanatory. If you’re searching for and connecting with the right people your social selling will improve. Connecting with people you have little to no interest in communicating with is time wasted. This score also relates to how you use LinkedIn’s tools. If you use a sales navigator, are you saving/ tagging leads and creating lists? Are you filtering your lists to seek out introductions? Most importantly are you taking advantage of who is actually looking at your profile? 

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  1. Engaging with insights 

Insights refer to your professional insight on topics you discuss.  Sharing value information to your connections and engaging in trending topics will help establish your credibility in your field. Generating discussions and passing on valuable information to your prospects is a great way to let them know you care about their success. If you become a trusted source of information more people will listen to what you have to say. 

  1. Building relationships

Social selling is all about building relationships. As we mention time and time again at Maverrik, people buy from people. 87% of B2B buyers on LinkedIn stated they would have a favourable impression of a salesperson who was introduced to them through someone in their professional network. To many of us, our connections are important to us and their opinions play a vital role in our decision making at times. A large network benefits from the ability to find new prospects and open more doors. Focus on a large pool of decision-makers, build upon your relationships with them and continue to grow. That’s how to build this section within the SSI. 

Where is my SSI Score? 

Check your SSI score by following this link. You don’t need a Sales Navigator subscription to check your score, all you need to do is Login to LinkedIn and follow the link. What you will see are all four of the main factors and how well you are performing in each. Make a note of what needs improvement and devise a strategy to raise the profile above those others in your industry. At the top right-hand corner of the page you will find how well you perform alongside your connections and competitors. 

top 1 percent linkedin ssi

Some networks have a lower SSI score than others, this is due to the nature of their business. A software-based industry will have a lower score than a CEO of a marketing and sales business. 

people in your network linkedin ssi

How Can I improve my Social Selling Score?

You don’t need a perfect SSI score to make social selling work for you on LinkedIn. Gunning for the 100/100 score isn’t really the point of the Social Selling Index. It is designed to highlight areas for improvement. To provide valuable feedback on your journey with LinkedIn. To increase your SSI score on Linkedin review your activity on LinkedIn. Set out a plan and review if your changes have made a difference. Interact with your connections more. Join a few groups. Connect with ten people per day. Whatever the SSI highlights as a weak point, work to improve your daily activities to reflect that. 

To learn more attend one of our webinars which are designed to make social selling work for anyone.

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Top 5 Conversation Starters for Linkedin

Top 5 Conversation Starters for Linkedin featured image

When we have a new connection on Linkedin we can get really excited about making a great first impression. Maybe they are a potential new client or a dream business partner we’d love to work with. Whatever your intention it’s important to put your best foot forwards. There is nothing worse than sending the wrong message to a new connection. So, here are 5  top conversation starters for Linkedin. 

  1. The Thank You

There is nothing wrong with thanking someone for connecting with you. A simple “thank you for connecting” can go a long way as it allows them to simply accept the thank you and move forwards or instigate a conversation themselves. There is no pressure to respond and you’ve already touched base. The thank-you should never come with a caveat. Don’t go for the hard sell after a thank you message, as it essentially makes the thank you feel a bit empty. 

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  1. Happy Birthday

This is a once in a year message, but just like the “Thank You” it shows you care more about the person as a person when you wish them a Happy Birthday. People are more likely to discuss things with you when they feel like you both value each other’s time. So a simple birthday message can go a long way in creating that. 

  1. Passing Along Information

Linkedin is primarily a platform for business owners, entrepreneurs and team workers to share, inspire and thrive. Creating your list of connections that can help you as much as you can help them. If you see something which could benefit your connection, drop them a quick tip… 

“I wrote an article I feel would help your business” or “This new change looks important to you so I thought I’d pass it along”. 

Information moves and changes so frequently today it can be impossible to see everything so your connections may appreciate a heads up once and a while in case it’s something they may have overlooked in the past. 

  1. Endorsements  

A simple way to begin a conversation is to endorse your connections. Endorsements will notify your connections and open up a chat window with an option to thank you for your endorsement. A simple, but effective way to find yourself in their mailbox and it grants you the ability to ask what they are currently working on, or if they would like to learn more about your ventures. 

  1. The Call

This is the risky one, which could win you an important conversation or shoot you down. This is simply a straight forward message… 

“Hello John, thanks for being a connection. I’d love to give you a call, are you free on Tuesday?” 

This could leave you with a “No thank you” or a “Sure I’ve got some time”. Either way, you’ve got your answer through one simple message. This usually works better after getting to know your connections and shouldn’t be used straight away if you’re looking for that “Yes”. 

There are a wide variety of methods to get a message to the people you want to talk to, but many can lead to disappointment. If you’re looking for the right way to approach your target audience we offer a wide range of training options which will land you the connections you are looking for. 

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Making the Most out of LinkedIn Polls

Some of you may have noticed a new feature being displayed on your LinkedIn Feed as of late. These LinkedIn Polls are designed for business owners to help engage their connections and learn some valuable information from their target audience. But, instead of asking everyone what their favourite breakfast is, we should make the most of this tool to solve some gaps in knowledge we may be facing. 

How Do I Create a Poll? 

LinkedIn Polls feature is currently being rolled out to a select few members with the option becoming more wildly available at a later date. If you have the option available to you, creating a poll can be found on your LinkedIn homepage. If you’re an admin of a LinkedIn Page, or a LinkedIn Group you can also create a poll directly from the page or group’s homepage.

Here are 8 Steps to creating your first poll 

  1. Go to Start a post.
  2. Click Create a poll.
  3. Type your question and fill out the options. Click +Add option if you would like to add another option. 
  4. Select the Poll duration  to determine how long you would like your poll to run for. 
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click the  Edit icon to edit the post and Select who you want to share the poll with.
  7. You can add more to the post in the What do you want to talk about? section
  8. Click Post.
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Things to consider: 

  • There is a minimum of two options and a maximum of four options on a poll
  • Poll Questions have a maximum character limit of 140, with the answers limited to 30 characters
  • A poll can’t be edited once it’s created, only deleted. 
  • You are not allowed to ask for sensitive data, as guided in LinkedIn’s standard terms and conditions

What Should I Poll about? 

First you need to decide what you’d like to learn from your poll. You can poll about just about anything and answers with a list of diverse options would be a great way to create engagement. You have four options to choose from when creating your poll so use each one wisely. In order to make the most out of LinkedIn Polls you’re going to need to use the data you create. Polling about new services you may be looking into, or when people are most likely to use your product would give you some solid information to base a decision on. However, be wary where you post your poll as it could be the defining factor of your results. If you post to a LinkedIn Group dedicated to despising cold-callers a poll about the best time for a caller to reach you would go down like a lead balloon. 

How to make the most of your Poll

There are many different ways to capitalise on LinkedIn’s new feature. You could use the options available to you to create an engagement post on something we all have an opinion about in order to warm up your connections to a message. Each poll response has the potential to become a conversation starter. As we all know a simple conversation has the potential to make or break businesses depending on the outcome. 

Alternatively you could use your poll to gauge whether or not your idea is worth pursuing or if there is an audience for a new service you’d like to offer. Better than running into the dark you can see who would like to pursue your business idea, but be aware you don’t give your competitors any new ideas in the meantime. Instead of outlying your idea with a Yes or No, you could instead ask how people currently solve the issue you’re looking to fix and move forwards from there. 

However you use the new LinkedIn Polls feature, remember that with each new addition to the platform you have a new opportunity to reach new connections and build your business. If you need guidance on any new tools get in contact. 

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How To Recover Your LinkedIn Account In an Emergency

How To Recover Your LinkedIn Account In an Emergency featured

LinkedIn is great for building connections with people and growing your business. You can use it for content marketing or for approaching decision-makers who can help you grow your business. 
But, what happens when it all goes wrong and you don’t know why you have lost access? Here is a brief guide on how to recover your LinkedIn account in an emergency.

How You Can Lose Your Account

False Identity

This should be a no-brainer, but if you have a false account for company purposes and nothing malicious, you could still be at risk. LinkedIn favours total honesty when it comes to profiles as its purpose is to build a community of people. Having multiple accounts could potentially impact whether your account is taken down. Think about it like this, you are less likely to connect with someone who doesn’t have a profile picture, for example, so why would you want to connect with someone who you don’t really know on LinkedIn? 

Using Bots 

Similar to the point above, automated methods of using LinkedIn to send connection requests or direct messages is not okay. This violates the term of service and you will be penalised. LinkedIn advocates real connections between people to build businesses and their networks. 

Excessive Sales Messages 

You may think that sending the same template to multiple people to promote your business is fine, but if you bombard people with sales messages it will harm your account. No one likes to receive pushy sales messages as soon as you connect with someone or an impersonal one from an automated system. People can report you and it’s just not worth it. We advise businesses to build rapport with their connections before promoting their services. There’s a right and wrong way to market your business!

Harmful Code

Sadly, people will try this method to try and hack other accounts or push their marketing strategies. You cannot post anything that has harmful code or software viruses on your LinkedIn. You must also not support or develop the use of software to copy data or profiles for your own use. 

Opening PDFs or Other Links in Direct Messenger 

If you are doing well on LinkedIn or you clearly use it as a sales funnel or your business, you could be at risk from people wanting access to your account. You will get a message along the lines of: 

“Hi, I would love for you to take a look at this proposal and give me some costs for a project.”

But don’t open it! These people prey on your desire for new business and they can also be found in the fake “R.e” or “follow up” emails. For more information regarding LinkedIn’s terms of service see the help pages here

How To Recover Your Account  

Password Issues

Sometimes you forget your password. This is the simplest way to lose access to your account. Thankfully, if you can access your email account you should be able to reset your password easily. Once you have got back into your account, why not add a phone number or another email address to prevent you from losing access to your account in the future? 

From Hacking 

If you notice anything suspicious on your account and your password has been changed, you could have been hacked. This is very likely if you opened any suspicious PDFs or links in your messages. (These people can access your account through your last cookie history on your session.) 

Go to: LinkedIn’s hacking recovery page to recover your account.  

If You Still Can’t Access Your Account

LinkedIn also has the ability to verify your identity through technology that processes encrypted scans of ID. This normally takes 14 days to process and you will need a smartphone or computer with a webcam, a government-issued form of ID, an email address and access to a desktop computer. Look at LinkedIn Help to find out what photos will be denied or processed. 

Maverrik’s Linkedin training course is now available online!

Maverrik's Linkedin training course is now available online! image header

Maverrik is pleased to announce that our Win your next client on Linkedin course is now available online. This course has been compiled by Maverrik Founder, Dean Seddon, who has specifically designed the course to help business owners, sales professionals and marketeers leverage Linkedin for their business.

This course contains more than the obvious optimisation strategies. It contains practical tutorials of profile optimisation, how to maximise post/page views and guides on writing the best content to attract your target audience. 

With the course being made available online, we can ensure every business across the UK and beyond has the know-how to grow their business through Linkedin. 

Including a 30-day sales roadmap that will help even the most reluctant of sales people to build relationships and connect with potential clients.

Dean Seddon, Maverrik founder delivering Win Your Next Client on Linkedin Training

The course keeps up-to-date with Linkedin’s changes and updates, to keep up-to-date with the platforms algorithm, trends and tools. This is one of the UK’s most highly rated courses for marketing and sales training on Linkedin.

The course contains over 4 hours of tutorials; from writing content to winning clients. The modules include:

·        How to go viral on Linkedin

·        Building your Company Page

·        Optimising your profile to increase view from your target clients.

·        How to generate leads and clients without getting banned.

·        How to get thousands of views of your content without Paid Ads.

The course is fully comprehensive and highly rated by the thousands of attendees over the past two years.

“We’re pleased to offer this course online so that anyone who wants to dive into the course and not wait to attend a live event can start instantly. There are lots of Linkedin training courses but only a few that are delivered by people who practice what they preach. We’ve filled this training with a full course as well as tutorials of individual elements and how-to’s” – Dean Seddon

Maverrik’s Linkedin course has been delivered in the UK, Europe, USA & UAE

Many businesses see the potential opportunity of Linkedin, even so they struggle to understand how to get consistent results. Maverrik produced this course with those folk in mind. Understanding that the priority for many businesses is investing their time into work which can yield clearly demonstrable results.

The course itself has been reviewed across the Internet, with “Win your next client on Linkedin” becoming the highest rated course on Trustpilot. With many of the verified reviews boasting results, in the first 30-days.

One such review from Richard in London boasts he closed £28,000 of new business in the days following the course. Of the 89 reviews the vast majority are positive reviews with the company itself boasting a five-star rating.

The course is available from Maverriks online learning platform, where you can join the course here