The Top Reasons Why Your Open Rates Are Plummeting

The Top Reasons Why Your Open Rates Are Plummeting featured

You may think that an ‘open rate’ is simply the number of emails that are opened after you send them out… 

Think again. 

You calculate the open rate by the ratio of the people who opened the emails to the emails that were actually delivered. 

Here’s a helpful equation from Aritic

Emails Open Rate = Unique Open Emails / (Total Number of Emails Sent – Total Number of Bounced Emails) 

So, if 100 were sent and 20 bounced, 80 were delivered. Out of this 80, 20 were opened, which gives you an open rate of 25%. 

Even when you input tracking pixels in an email to see if it’s opened these aren’t always accurate. Many ISPs will not open graphics on an email and even though it has been opened, the ISP will mark it as unopened. This gives you a false impression of open rates. 

So, how do you make sure your emails are being opened? 

By avoiding these 5 reasons that damage your open rates:

1 ) Your Subject Lines Suck 

See the subject lines as the gatekeepers to your emails being opened. 

So, what makes a good subject line? 

A good subject line tells the recipient what the email is about and encourages them to open it. Any exclamation points, strange words or capital letters aren’t a good idea. These will either come across as unfriendly or they will be recognised by the mailbox as spam. Sometimes even both. Buzzwords like ‘free’ can also trigger spam filters. Times have changed when you could put ‘Re:’ or ‘Fwd:’ in your subject line. This practice comes across as deceptive and it will put people off opening the email.

2 ) It Looks Automated 

No one likes to be blasted with automated marketing emails. Think about all the emails that clearly don’t look to engage with you on a personal level and that you have just deleted. 

All you have to do is use the person’s name and do a little research on them before you send them an email. This is a much better way of starting to build a profile and relationship with your potential customers because they feel valued. 

In a similar vein, make sure the ‘from’ name remains the same between you and your recipient. This will create a credibility factor and make the recipient see a human connection behind the email. (It will also lend you a hand by keeping your messages out of the spam filters.) 

3 ) Too Many Emails 

The more emails you send to someone (unless it is of high-value content), the less likely they are to open them. Think about how many emails you are planning to send to someone in your content marketing or how many times is appropriate to send follow up emails to someone about your services/products. If you are trying to get an answer from a decision-maker or someone important, think about leaving it a few days before your next email. If you pester them, they are sure to damage your open rates by ignoring your emails. 

4 ) Respect the Right to Unsubscribe

Make sure the unsubscribe button is clear and easy to use. Many companies lose potential clients in the future as a result of bombarding them with email streams. If you want hostility from people, continue to make it hard for them to opt-out. You need to comply with a person’s ability to not want to be a part of your emails. If someone unsubscribed, simply respect that. Many others will want to receive your emails if you are giving them something of value. 

5 ) It’s Not Mobile Friendly 

You see it on the tube, bus and in the street… people are checking their phones for everything. According to Aritic, 48% of emails are being checked on mobile devices (tablets, phones etc…) It is also useful to know that 69% of people using their phone to check emails will delete any emails that do not load properly. We live in a high-pressure society where, if something doesn’t do what we expect it too, we will move on to the next task in our working day. Make sure your emails appear well on mobile devices to increase your open rates. 

So, there are many reasons why your email open rates are plummeting. You need to be creating emails that provide value to the reader and encourage them to open it, read on and hopefully complete the call to action you need. This can be anything from replying with a date for a meeting to booking onto your next event. 

How To Get An Email to Busy/important People

How To Get An Email to Busy/important People header

The great thing about email is the ability to contact anyone about absolutely anything. 

You can use it to grow your network, find clients, get advice or a mentor, show your gratitude or find a business partner. 

But the problem is that busy or important people are, well, busy. 

How are you supposed to email them and get a reply? 

According to MailChimp, the business and finance industry, for example, has only a 21.56% open rate for email campaigns. For consulting, it has a 0.79% soft bounce rate. Soft bounces occur for a number of different reasons, but predominantly when someone’s inbox is full, the message was too large or their server has gone down. 

You can spend ages worrying about how to phrase an email to an MD or Social Media Influencer etc… and end up wasting your day. 

Here are 4 ways to improve your ability to get a response from that important person: 

Make Them Short 

Like content, short emails make great reading. If you are trying to contact someone who is low on time, you shouldn’t send them an excessive amount of text. They will either switch off half-way through or, send you a yes/no answer or most likely, say to themselves ‘I do not have the time to read or answer this’. Why should they bother to spend time reading someone from someone they don’t know? It will just be ignored. 

Simpletivity suggests an email body between 50-125 words is best. But, make sure it’s not too short. If it is only a sentence or two they will wonder why this could not have been mentioned on a phone call or a social media message.

Show the Purpose 

If there is not a clear purpose in your email, get ready to be ignored. First, you need to work on your subject line. Like the body of the text, don’t write too much and also keep it relevant to the email. Shockingly, some people still send emails with no subject line! When we get emails like this they go straight in the bin. 

In the email body, you need to get the purpose across quickly. Do it in the first few sentences and think about placing your question at the beginning and above the other text. By communicating a clear purpose for the email, you are doing the work for them and it makes it easy for them to respond to you. 

Regarding your purpose, do not be one of those annoying people who ask for stuff for free. If you wouldn’t ask in person, why do it over email? This goes for anything from requesting a website audit or a design consultation. It is rude and it will ruin your first impression. The recipient will see your name again in the future and either ignore you forever or make a decision to send you to the junk folder without even blinking. 

Timing is Everything 

When you send an email can have a massive effect on it being opened and replied to. 

Coschedule, who was influenced by 14 email studies, states that the best time to send is Tuesday to Thursday. In rank order it goes Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday. Regarding specific times, they note that 6 am, 10 am, 2 pm and 8 pm were the best times. Though sending emails in the late-morning were overall the most favoured time, 

50% of people begin the day by emailing in bed as Campaign Monitor states. 

Follow Up 

Following up to a previous email is an important step that people forget. They either take the lack of a response as a no or are too scared to connect again. But, persistence pays off and the person may just have not got back to you yet. Leave it a few days to contact them. Anywhere between 3-7 days is a good rule, which depends on how busy you think they are. 

Don’t Only Use Only Email

Is email the best choice for connecting with this person? Our emails are filled with spam, short, long and random emails. If it’s a short one or two-liner, could you put it in a text or phone call? Phone calls can be a great way to get an urgent response if you are short on time. But, it can also be seen as pushy to the wrong person. However, if you are already in contact and working together on an important project there is no point waiting around. 

The Takeaway…  

Busy or ‘important’ people are just people. Sometimes, you can get caught up in worrying about how to craft the perfect message, but in reality, the recipient is just like you. They have lives at work and home, and simply want to get to the point with email communication. 

Why not make life easier for them (and you), by sending shorter emails of value at the right time? Also, never forget to follow-up. 

If you are still stuck, we offer quick Get Help sessions that can really set you back on the path to real success with Email Marketing. Just email our team at [email protected]

How to Make Sales Through Email Marketing

5 Tips to Convert Leads Through Emails handshake

Emails are a great way to drum up a new business. 

Email marketing technology is used by 82% of B2C and B2B businesses as stated by Ascend2

DMA also notes that the ROI of email marketing is 3800%. 

Email marketing is a great way to achieve higher rates of leads than over the telephone or content marketing. Phones and marketing are effective and crucial for businesses, but nothing is faster and more efficient than sending out templates to get more awareness for your company. 

So, how can you convert leads in your email marketing?

1 ) State Your Results 

This is one of the best ways to convince people to buy from you. People are used to marketers just telling them about their company and how great they are. It is boring and unbelievable. Demonstrating the results that someone can get is the way to go about email marketing. Think about what value you are adding to that person when they buy from you. 

What can you promise and complete as a result? 

In addition to this, add in a short time-frame for a sales call. This shows that you won’t take up their whole day. 

2 ) Be Helpful 

Your role is to solve your customers’ problems… otherwise, you haven’t got a business!

So why not write an email in the style of helping your potential lead? 

Writing an email along the lines of politely asking if you can share a helpful idea or concept is a sure way to get a response. Following up the email with a question for a call to action is also great. 

3 ) Make it Personal and Unique to You

Sometimes, the best way to get new leads is to stand out from the crowd. Think about your USP as an example. Your email marketing should be no different. Write the email in an informal and chatty manner if it suits your audience. If you are a more professional business, think about how you can make your email different to the template ideas above. 

Research the company you want to contact and see what kinds of things they post or interact with over social media. 

Humour is also a great thing to go for in email marketing as Lusha Blog points out.

4 ) Timing is Everything 

As Lusha blog states, emails between 5-6 am get a 37% open rate as well as an 8% response rate. Evening emails do the same on response rate at 8% and even better at 48% for an open rate.

Think about who you are targeting because different companies will have different schedules, which will affect their response rate. 

5 )  Following Up Is A Must 

Most people stop at the first email, but that’s only going so far. You need to make sure you are following up at least 2 or three times. 

Lusha Blog states that 80% of sales take 5 follow-ups to close!

So what imaginative templates could you send to those leads you need to close? 

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to win your next client. 

Is B2B Email Marketing Dead?

Is B2B Email Marketing Dead? gmail

We have all had those annoying emails where all you get is a sales pitch that has no effort. 

It looks like a template they had just forwarded to a spreadsheet of people, which has been pulled off of LinkedIn. 

Even worse if they can’t even get your name right. 

Our first response is to delete or ignore those emails. 

So is B2B email marketing dead? 


As Antoine Finklestein states, GDPR’s goal was not to prevent cold calling over email. (See the footnote below.) The idea was to build the privacy of customers by bringing in new rules that everyone can follow.

Let’s get something straight, GDPR is complicated. You need to make sure you are compliant and get legal advice on the specifics.

In this article, we will explore if B2B email marketing is dead and not the specifics of GDPR. 

Ask the ISO directly yourself if you want professional legal advice on GDPR. 

Here’s the bottom-line, GDPR does not stop email marketing. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic…

Cold Calling Is Seen as Rude

There is some truth in this. Cold calling has got a bad wrap. However, this is only because many people get it SO wrong. We get sales messages frequently over LinkedIn where people just hit us up with sales pitches as soon we accept their connection request. 

Here’s the problem with these kinds of messages…

They don’t build rapport. They go straight to a request for us to watch a demo or contact them for a sale. 

Also, they haven’t done the research of the company they are targeting. You wouldn’t go to an interview without researching a company or the person you are contacting, so why would you just send a cold email or direct message to someone over social media?

Cold calling is vital to your business marketing, but only if it is done well. 

B2B email marketing is a great way to build your business, which can be seen in the 93% of B2B marketers who use email to distribute their content.

Other Growing Ways to Market Yourself    

Of course, there are other ways to market your business. Social platforms are one of the best ways to connect with people and inform your network of events, offers and job offers. 

People focus on influencers on LinkedIn or Instagram to reach their customers. The social media platform is also important for growing your business and reaching new customers. There is nothing wrong with this, but you are missing out on the money you could be getting from email marketing.  

Cold calling over email is amazing for B2B. It is predicted that there will be over 5.6 billion active email accounts by 2020. 

And email is not just for the older business generations. 73% of the millennial generation would prefer businesses to contact them over email. 

get help with email marketing workshop

Email marketing, then, is crucial for B2B. 

So, how do you go about it? 

Make sure you are ‘warming’ up your leads and looking to hook your reader in the email. 

If your email has substance and a point, you can close the deal.

If you need some help, we offer consultancy sessions tailored to your business to make sure you win your next client. 

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