Becoming an Influencer in just one hour

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It’s amazing to think that a keyboard has the ability to change your life and all you need to do is hit the buttons in the correct order. With it you can become an Influencer in as little time as an hour a day. All you need to do is set yourself up correctly and you will have the ability to change the lives of countless clients, partners and business owners. So how do you do it? 

Consistently Update Yourself

The world changes quickly and the online world will change even faster than this. So you need to be constantly looking outwards for the next big thing. Then look inwards and tailor it to your approach. Not everyone is going to love your style forever. Therefore you need to transform your look every-so-often. A brand update can go a long way for gaining new clients, building your business and showcase yourself and forward thinking. 

Use the Social Golden Hour

Countless experts, gurus and marketing moguls will let you know for free that the time of day you post is important. It’s the simplest advice we can give. When you post is important. You want to post when everyone is online and searching for content. These social “golden hours” consist of early mornings, later afternoons and slow points of the weekend. The weekend can be largely hit-or-miss so you’ll want to focus on weekdays getting started. 

Thanks to social media algorithms changing your hour could look a lot different than others. You need to check your results regularly to understand when your audience is online and where your window of opportunity lies. 

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Create a routine

You will become an influencer for as little as one hour in your day if you have the right routine. A simple daily routine can look like this: 

  • Wake Up 
  • Source + Create news / content
  • Share your thoughts and views with your audience
  • Engage with comments 
  • Go about your day 

Your content is going to be the defining factor of your success so creating a bank of content to use for each morning ahead of time can save you a lot of time and give you a good boost of engagement if done correctly. 

Of course, your routine doesn’t always have to start at the beginning of each day, but it’s proven that posting early in the morning is useful for maximising engagement as many people start the morning by scrolling through social media to get ahead of what they may have missed whilst sleeping. 

You could implement schedulers, but many social media platforms aren’t fond of these tools being used on their platforms. It also removes your ability to engage with people as they interact with your content. The period between posting and the tail end of your engagement is vital to your growth. Social media automation itself goes against LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebooks terms of service. You can read more about that here. 
A lot of people struggle to achieve the figures they are looking for which is why training sessions can help navigate areas where many people trip up. At the end of the day, it’s patience and planning which help you achieve what you are looking for. Your journey to becoming the influencer will be shaped by your struggles and victories. So learn from each day and build upon yourself and your content. Giving one hour of your day to posting, reviewing and learning will make you a thought leader before you know it.

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How to change your LinkedIn Header Image

How to change your LinkedIn Banner Image featured

Your LinkedIn banner is placed above your profile picture on your LinkedIn and becomes a major part of how you are seen on the platform. As you draw people into your profile the first thing they will see is your banner. Which should be a beacon for who you are and your business. During the profile setup you are given the LinkedIn default header until you decide to customise it. Here is how to change your LinkedIn Banner

Create your Header Image

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First you need an image to put in your banner. The recommended dimensions for your header is 1548 Pixels Wide and 396 pixels height. Whichever you chose you must ensure not to go over the maximum file size of 8MB and the file type must be PNG or JPEG

Linkedin Banner first image

Be aware when using text within your banner. As your profile picture will be placed in the left hand corner of the image you should not place text in the sector. In this example the designers have purposely left this area uncovered. 

Linkedin Banner Profile with banner

In order to change your banner you need to click on the pencil icon to the right of the page next to More…

The Edit Intro section will appear which will give you the option to once again click the pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon on the banner image to begin changing your header. 

Setting linkedin banner image

Click onto “Change photo”, select your image from your hard drive and then click Apply to save your preference. You can Zoom and straighten your image, but if the dimensions are correct this will not be necessary. Finally click Save and your new header will be ready to be seen by your connections. 

If you looking to change your headers for all your social media pages check out our 2020 guide for creating successful media headers. For all things LinkedIn you can follow our list for Why Businesses should invest in LinkedIn Training. 

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Why Your Sales Post Failed on LinkedIn

Why Your Sales Post Failed on LinkedIn featured

When it comes to selling yourself and your business on LinkedIn you want to ensure you are doing everything you can to direct people in the right direction. Promoting your business on a platform formerly used for business growth and sharing our experience seems simple. But a lot of sales posts on LinkedIn fall flat of our expectations. Do you want to know the real reason your post failed to bring in any prospective clients? 

You post the same thing every day 

When you hear the same word over and over again it comes to a point where it can lose all its meaning to you. I can’t count the number of times the word Webinar has looked just plain wrong after typing it out consistently in a short period of time. Just like this phenomenon, your sales message can easily be lost if your audience sees it all day every day. Who wants to talk to a person who says the same thing every day. It would feel like talking to a robot rather than a person. So ensure your message is varied. Offer more than one selling point or aspect of your business. It can seem tough after you’ve found your niche, but believe me when I say there is more than one way to tell people you have the best service around. 

You don’t have an Engaged Audience

Social selling is all about building relationships and an audience. If no one has liked your last few posts this means that you don’t really have anyone looking forward to what you have to say. There is a reason people clink a glass before a speech. You need to garner attention before you go for a sales post. Maybe ask a question in one post and answer it with your product in the next. Or simply go commercial-free for a while before hitting your audience with a post about your business. 

Having an active audience is important for any successful business post. Think about why you would follow anyone on any platform. They offer you something in their content. Whether that’s ideas, humour or just their personality. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself the question “would anyone want to engage with this?” before you post. Don’t panic about posting, but give it some thought. 

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You haven’t offered anything new

If you take a look at all the posts on LinkedIn boasting about being the number one brand in their sector they all have one thing in common. No one believes them. We live in times where best doesn’t mean best for everyone. We all have preferences with who we work with. A vast majority of the time we choose who is the best fit for us, not just who is the best. So you have to find your unique selling point and then market yourself to those it would appeal to. 

Alongside this, you have to make yourself stand out if you’re going to have a successful offering. Maybe use a limited time deal for those in your connection pool to give them something a little extra for being a loyal connection. If you Reward activity and time spent with you, it’ll give you a happy and engaged audience. 

Your Call to Action was too vague

Low effort can be seen a mile away on LinkedIn so it’s important to show everyone you’ve thought things through before you decided to make a post. Ensure your call-to-actions have clear directions and your contact information, weblinks, surveys etc. Are correct and easy to navigate. 

Ensure your profile is up to date so anyone interested in your offer is safe in the mind is coming from a reliable source. If you have a new business you are promoting and you haven’t even added it to your profile it could mean several things to your audience. 

There is nothing wrong with posting about your business. It’s a key point in social selling and shows you are proud of what you are a part of. The right sales post can completely transform your business when it reaches the right person. On the other hand it’s easy to fall into bad practice with them.

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Does Social Selling Work for a Sales Team?

Social selling may seem like a one person operation, but there are a lot of techniques a team can use to make it work for everyone. The concept of social selling works around building up your connections, establishing trust and promoting your services when the time presents itself. 84% of buyers kick off their buying process with a referral. The idea of one person creating a working relationship with a group of people seems much harder than 1:1 communication. Having multiple parties asking a variety of different questions at once would be overwhelming. In most cases, it just doesn’t work out. But does that mean social selling as a sales team doesn’t work? 

Getting Started

The initial interaction with your target audience is very important. You want to establish who you are. So, complete your research, engage with them on a social media post or two and then send a connection request. This works well. However, it may not work if every person on the sales team has done this at same time. If they receive a request from each person in a company their guard is going to be immediately raised. It just feels suspicious or the company is desperate for their business. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t all employ social selling. According to Salesforce compared to non-social sellers, sales reps are 40% more likely to hit their revenue goals and can expect 57% higher ROI. 

Before you set out on your social selling journey, ensure you all have your target audiences and the cross-over is limited. It’s best for a client to have an established relationship with one member of the team than a surface level relationship with all the team. 

Social Selling as a Team Creates an Established Voice

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Content is a key factor in the success of social selling. The right viral post can create opportunities, conversation starters and generate business. With an established team you can create your company’s narrative and a unified front. Is there a service or a product you need to promote? You can coordinate your team’s content around it without sacrificing a single account to constantly promote it, grinding the engagement level to a halt. 

Your team are the best brand ambassadors with their content working as marketing and sales all-in-one. They can saturate popular hashtags with promotional materials and showcase your company’s culture as a great place to work. A team of enthusiastic people, working together in a positive environment makes the decision to work with your company  even easier. 

Dividing Areas of expertise

At times it’s best to choose a singular person to take over bringing someone onboard. If you offer multiple services, dividing your team into different sectors will give them time to learn and promote a singular service to an expert level. Rather than each member of your team learning the surface level of information for everything you offer. When you engage with a business owner or CEO you don’t truly know their position without first talking to them and understanding their business wants and needs. After learning they need something outside a particular members field of expertise they can move them along the line to the person who does. 

Having established and well crafted social profiles for each member of the team means the client never feels like they are being pushed down the line or talking to someone who may not care as much about them. LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index can be a great guide on learning what areas a profile needs to improve on in order to make social selling easier. 

It is absolutely important to start any sales process with a strategy, social or otherwise. It can be a large scale operation or a small order of practice, but it needs to be implemented across the board in order for it to be successful. Coordination is how sales teams are able to achieve those dream contracts and land big clients. If you need help building or improving your strategy Maverrik can help.

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